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If you are into Political Correctitude don't read this book--it will only give you apoplexy-but if you like your history slashingly unvarnished and straightforward, you will love it
He explained: "The complaints smack of childish political correctitude.
Well, it would be if everyone did what they are told in the name of political correctitude.
Production values are lush (yet the cover price is reasonable); care is given to text; coyness and correctitude are nowhere to be found.
As a critic, he takes on such revered figures as Robert Heinlein and Ursula Le Guin with insightful malice, particularly wounding Le Guin for her political correctitude.
The chapters on "Race and Assimilation" and "Gender" (the misnomer for "sex" employed by those in sympathy with the ideology that bred it) anachronistically impose a modern-age application of "racism" and "sexism" on an era unburdened by the strictures of political correctitude, and smack less of historical analysis than of obeisance to the Zeitgeist.
Such political correctitude wrapped in academese has even affected those "straight but not narrow" folks whose good intentions are pro-gay/lesbian.
But it came couched not in the insular jargon of correctitude but in the down-home Americanisms of a "family reunion" on the Washington Mall.
To this litany have lately been added such new variations as "white bashing," "ethnic McCarthyism," "purveyor of political correctitude," and any other epithet deemed helpful in keeping a "canon of knowledge" fraught with distortion, deception, and outright fraud from being "diluted.
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