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having something undesirable neutralized


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Reference 3 was corrected to "Ribera E, Paradineiro JC, Curran A, et al.
4 : to show how a thing can be improved or made right <She corrected the students' papers.
This defect must first be corrected under the Voluntary Compliance Program of the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS; Rev.
The data bring to light a number of findings on Instructor behavior in FMF and MF SCMC environments which merit further comment: 1) She corrected very little over all and assumed the role of conversational facilitator, 2) When she did correct she chose implicit measures.
An operational failure generally can be corrected by restoring the plan to the position it would have been in had the failure not occurred, including restoring the benefits and rights participants would have had.
In endothermic animals (including humans) as the body temperature is lowered the corrected pH will increase and the corrected PCO2 will decrease.
The corrected article appears online at http://www.
Collapse of the lateral nasal soft tissue can be corrected with batten grafts, and prominent inferior turbinates can be reduced by a variety of techniques.
1(d)-(f), which are corrected [omega] scans from the three films and give the pole density profile, or texture profile.
Modifications to MDS data should only be made when the resident's clinical record clearly substantiates the accuracy of the corrected information.
The key problem is there is no follow-up process to ensure code violations in the city buildings are corrected.
The trial had two primary endpoints: corrected count increment and platelet count increment, each one-hour after transfusion.
But with a skilled and experienced surgeon, 95% to 98% of the time LASIK produces corrected distant vision of 20/40 or better.
providing workable safe harbors and guidance about how failures should be corrected (including a procedure permitting limited retroactive amendments of plan documents to conform to the actual operation of the plan, especially where participants benefit from the plan's operation in a nondiscriminatory fashion); and