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Synonyms for correctable

capable of being returned to the original condition

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capable of being corrected by additions


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A new traffic signal on SR--582 reduced annual correctable crashes from 7 before construction to 1 after construction.
Now go correct someone who is correctable and actually gives a f***.
Unfortunately, both instances were not "reviewable" and "thus not correctable under the rules.
The Cipla Miles for Smiles Foundation provides free corrective surgery to those born with cleft lips and cleft palates, and any other correctable facial deformity.
Nearsightedness in childhood is correctable, but is also linked to development of severe forms of this eye disorder in adulthood, which increases risks for potentially blinding diseases such as glaucoma and retinal detachment.
The percentage of anaesthesia-related deaths considered non-preventable (no correctable anaesthetic factor identified) increased from about 4% in the 1991-1993 triennium to about 50% in the 2006-2008 triennium.
These wounds are largely self-inflicted, and thus eminently correctable.
For children receiving kidney transplants, a potentially correctable blood condition present in about one in four recipients is associated with a moderately increased risk of the graft's later failure, suggesting that clinicians should weigh whether having a transplant is advisable when the condition is present, according to researchers at the University of California, Davis.
Those correctable wounds include limiting easy opportunities for James and Wade, as well as not allowing Udonis Haslem to score 14 points on only six field-goal attempts.
This brace helps young children with correctable moderate to strong pronation and supination to re-align their base of support for improved stability in standing and walking.
Operation Smile South Africa (OSSA), in partnership with the Namibian Ministry of Health, will conduct free pre and post-mission health assessments on all children and adults born with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate, or any other correctable facial deformities.
You're a candidate for LASIK if your eyes are healthy, you've had a stable eyeglass prescription for at least two years, and your vision is within a correctable range.
With geographical mistakes including naming a Mexican restaurant Caraca's after the capital of Venezuela and thinking that Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was English, everyone made too many correctable mistakes.
Depending on the recipe, there can be a slight increase in the elasticity, but that is easily correctable.
The take home message is that low vitamin D has an implication in terms of muscle and fracture healing, it occurs in about 50% of people coming in for orthopedic surgery, and it is eminently correctable," Dr.