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Morphometric investigations showed that in this test group (test 2) the size of renal corpuscle and the size of its glomerulus are 9.
ferrugineus exhibits 2 equal-sized accessory bodies and one puff-like corpuscle, which are common characteristics in most coleopterans, except in the flagellum of Coelomera lanio Dalman and Cerotoma arcuata (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), which present a single accessory body (Bao 1996, 1998).
The most distinguishing feature is the squamoid corpuscle, which is present in pancreatoblastomas and absent in acinar cell carcinomas.
At their sharpest, the Forties sustain such rhythmic precision throughout long passages, as when "Headline-Grabbin' Storm Front" (Number 41), wrestles this sprawling line into obedience: "globular corpuscle loden diaphanous sacrilege patterning groined telesacrifice - / massacre patented suffering quotha.
In Wicksell's corpuscle problem (Wicksell, 1925), the prediction of maximum size of spherical particles was studied by Drees and Reiss (1992) and Takahashi and Sibuya (1996; 1998; 2001) while the behaviour of minimum size was investigated in Kotzer and Molchanov (2006).
The first example is provided by the ratio [DELTA]x/[DELTA]t: if the particle is regarded as a corpuscle of mass m delocalized in [DELTA]x, thus randomly moving throughout this range, then [DELTA]x/[DELTA]t is its average velocity component [v.
A renal corpuscle is often found in between the afferent and efferent epididymal ducts.
While his corpuscle theory, in which light is a particle moving in straight lines, is well known, lesser known is the power of the Greek philosophical culture to resist this new idea.
In 1883, in an article entitled "The Third Corpuscle of the Blood," Osler noted: "The origins of the corpuscles remain a problem--one of many connected with the blood which await solution at the hand of the histologist" (22).
The response is quite similar to the signal variation of the Pacinian corpuscle sensory receptor in the dermis and the output is characterized by the temporal differential property.
They found that each red corpuscle was surrounded by a membrane, and they carried out experiments on the osmotic effects of various solutions (86).
In addition, the Sanguine molecule is 1/900th the size of a human red blood corpuscle (rbc's) and can, despite its size, deliver three to four times the amount of oxygen, as well as remove CO2 in a similar fashion to human red blood cells.
The analytical solution of (the hyper-stereological version of) Wicksell's corpuscle problem is used to construct an empirical radius distribution of the d-spheres.
So there was not so much as a corpuscle of golfing blue blood in Jones' veins, but then the sport has always been far more democratic in Scotland than in England.