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Histopathologic features of PN usually show typical round or ovoid corpuscle, with pale concentric pacinian corpuscle-like lamellar structure attached to myxoid matrix.
Descartes, Corpuscles and Reductionism: Mechanism and Systems in Descartes' Physiology, BARNABY R.
ferrugineus exhibits 2 equal-sized accessory bodies and one puff-like corpuscle, which are common characteristics in most coleopterans, except in the flagellum of Coelomera lanio Dalman and Cerotoma arcuata (Olivier) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), which present a single accessory body (Bao 1996, 1998).
According to the Independent, in 1850 Foucault conducted a ground-breaking experiment that was viewed as 'driving the last nail in the coffin' of Newton's corpuscle theory of light when it proved light travels more slowly through water than through air.
The blood vessel wall was not simply swollen and thick, but there were wide inter-endothelial pores which provided the exit from the bloodstream for liquid components of blood and blood corpuscle (Figure 4).
In Wicksell's corpuscle problem (Wicksell, 1925), the prediction of maximum size of spherical particles was studied by Drees and Reiss (1992) and Takahashi and Sibuya (1996; 1998; 2001) while the behaviour of minimum size was investigated in Kotzer and Molchanov (2006).
A renal corpuscle is often found in between the afferent and efferent epididymal ducts.
The effects of supplemental fermented agro by-products diet on the blood corpuscle and plasma chemical composition are shown in Table 7.
The renal corpuscle of the nephron consisted of glomerulus and Bowman's capsule.
While his corpuscle theory, in which light is a particle moving in straight lines, is well known, lesser known is the power of the Greek philosophical culture to resist this new idea.
The response is quite similar to the signal variation of the Pacinian corpuscle sensory receptor in the dermis and the output is characterized by the temporal differential property.
Coverstock, wipes, gauze, packings, white blood corpuscle removing filters
of Toledo, US) argues that in fact he was more inclined to think that something like a cohesive power is what functions as the cement or bond to hold qualities and corpuscles to each other, and even to hold the constituent parts of a corpuscle together.
I didn't want a single corpuscle in my body to be divided.