corpus luteum

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yellow endocrine tissue that forms in a ruptured Graafian follicle following the release of an ovum

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Accuracy of predicting stages of bovine estrous cycle by gross appearance of the corpus luteum.
Curcumin by affecting the size of polycystic ovary and minimizing it macroscopically will affect the number of primordial follicles and corpus luteum and reduce them after treatment.
2[alfa]] during early bovine luteal phase does not alter the expression of ET-1 and of its type A receptor: a possible cause for corpus luteum refractoriness.
Previous studies have shown that Sfrp4 levels increase substantially in luteinized rodent GCs (12), and decreased levels of sFRP-4 were observed in Fz-4 null mice with impairment of corpus luteum function (13).
With the decrease in the level of progesterone immediately after medical abortion, the hormonal control mechanism of the progesterone might have shifted and caused an abrupt increase in the production of the hormone at the corpus luteum and adrenal cortex, causing APD.
Ectopic pregnancy versus corpus luteum cyst revisited: best Doppler predictors.
According to the macroscopically normal Fallopian tubes, the absence of extensive pelvic adhesions and the presence of the corpus luteum on the right ovary, it seemed likely that after the fertilization, which could have occurred in the pouch of Douglas, the zygote was carried by intraperitoneal fluid and implanted into the vesicouterine pouch.
Effects of human chorionic gonadotropin pretreatment on endocrine, cytological and prostaglandin F2a receptor patterns of the bovine corpus luteum.
After ovulation, smaller amounts of estradiol are produced by the corpus luteum to allow progesterone induced changes in the endometrium after ovulation.
Forty-eight hours after ovulation, the fresh corpus luteum showed a hemorrhagic appearance (corpus hemorrhagicum).
Selection of recipients that, according to Dawson [16] is very important procedure, was determined, as in most cases [17], based on an evaluation of the corpus luteum and progesterone level.
22,23) Distinguishing between the two is vital, as the misdiagnosis of a corpus luteum as an ectopic pregnancy in the setting of PUL can have tragic consequences.
Endocrine Delivery of Interferon Tau Protects the Corpus Luteum from Prostaglandin F2 Alpha-Induced Luteolysis in Ewes.