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Synonyms for corpulence

the property of excessive fatness

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He was a man of about five and thirty, short, stout even to corpulence, and clean shaven.
31) In May this letter conjured up a reply, "Observations on 'The Ghost-Player's Guide,"' where "Horrida Bella" facetiously pondered the tendency to corpulence afflicting present-day performers of Shakespearean ghosts.
La premiere mesure de prevention reste la mesure annuelle de la taille et du poids de l'enfant pour suivre la courbe de corpulence et reperer ainsi les enfants a risque.
Ce sobriquet lui est attribue par rapport a sa corpulence et a sa beaute.
Now we'd like to welcome member 4224, who wants to tell us about his long-gone relatives and their chance to meet President Taft, who as you all know, had a huge bathtub installed in the White House to accommodate his corpulence.
The traditional chair is a non moving product, and a living person sitting on a non moving chair brings by this theory corpulence and "death.
This type of exercise was advocated for corpulence but also, less predictably, as a treatment for gout and forms of diabetes.
20) Garuda's corpulence is as abnormal as Dasacharya, who is "bony as a sick cow" (4).
Neal argues that Vandross's corpulence "became a visual stand-in for the pathological excesses of the Chitlin' Circuit and segregation" (p.
Since William Banting self-published his Letter on Corpulence [1] in 1862, describing how William Harvey [2] had cured Banting's life-long obesity through the avoidance of starchy foods, there has been interest in the low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) diet for the treatment of obesity.
22) Hence Hogarth emphasizes the corpulence of the Franciscan friar who, alone among the French figures in the painting, is well nourished.
They had come to a place where, despite their age and corpulence, they felt themselves desirable; but ultimately, they discover, not even the money they so liberally spread can make them attractive, let alone buy them love.
I have the delusional conviction of all overweight men that simply wearing black will magically remove inches from my corpulence.
It is food for thought about how we might support people psychologically as they strive to adopt healthy eating habits, regardless of their current corpulence," she noted.
What if we found, upon closer examination, that the public is haunted by the horror of corpulence because of something other than an altruistic concern with the well-being of other citizens?