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a supporter of corporatism

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Furthermore, as to the development of indigenous innovation, Phelps concludes that the relatively corporatist economies performed less robustly because they lacked the economic institutions and culture to "enable, stimulate, and spur experimenting, exploring and trying things.
In the next section, he sets forth the corporatist enemies of modern capitalism.
The German corporatist tradition which arose out of these circumstances encompasses a vast multitude of heterogeneous theories, each dealing from its own particular standpoint with a different set of data and problems.
The costs of corporatism are visible all around us: dysfunctional corporations that survive despite their gross inability to serve their customers; sclerotic economies with slow output growth, a dearth of engaging work, scant opportunities for young people; governments bankrupted by their efforts to palliate these problems; and increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of those connected enough to be on the right side of the corporatist deal.
The media bends over backwards to avoid being called liberal by featuring many corporatist or rightwing think tank views.
aligns Dodd with the business commonwealth corporatists.
the privatization of resources and institutions for the financial gain of corporatists.
Then the corporatists are usually able to block even modest positive measures in areas like a patients' bill of rights or campaign finance reform, but they are less able to ram through the corporate wish list.
Representative Sherwood Boehlert, a Republican from New York, is certainly in a much tougher position than Al Gore, because he's in the House, dominated by the conservative corporatists who run that place.
They" are the political corporatists in your midst, such as the Heritage and Cato groups and the trade associations and corporate law firms filled with well-paid persons, who concoct schemes designed to leave Americans defenseless against hazards to their safety and their family budgets.
America's major parties support a far more economically intrusive government than any that Dollfuss, Mussolini, or other non-Nazi right-wing corporatists tried to put into operation between the world wars.
The CFR global corporatists have been only too happy to accommodate these appeals to expand the transgovernmental jurisdiction of the WTO.
The real haters of how America works - the right-wingers on corporatized talk radio shows when they're not auditioning for favor with Murdoch of ``19th Century Fox'' to sell their books or futures in hate radio - owe their jobs to the same affirmative action that promoted the careers of Bush and Cheney and corporatists who support the scariest agenda ever presented to dupe the American people.
For one thing, the globalists are actually global corporatists.