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a supporter of corporatism

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The electorate has become disillusioned with politics, but Nader claims the LibCon alliance can counter or greatly reduce the corporatist state's immense and growing power.
Furthermore, as to the development of indigenous innovation, Phelps concludes that the relatively corporatist economies performed less robustly because they lacked the economic institutions and culture to "enable, stimulate, and spur experimenting, exploring and trying things.
Other analyses on this subject have shown convincingly that unification allowed German employers to create a two-tier wage system that enabled them to roll back unit labour costs despite the resilience of corporatist arrangements.
The corporatist Republicans let the libertarians and conservatives have the paper platforms," but then they "throw out a welcome mat for Big Business lobbyists with their slush funds who are anything but libertarian or conservative in their demands.
All the above said, ultimately, Slovenia's problem is growth, like much of the rest of Europe, and it does need to fundamentally change its model of development, from a corporatist to a more dynamic, private enterprise driven model, and therein on-going privatisations are key.
The German corporatist tradition which arose out of these circumstances encompasses a vast multitude of heterogeneous theories, each dealing from its own particular standpoint with a different set of data and problems.
The Chinese corporatist state; adaption, survival and resistance.
But GameStop is hardly the first figure to oppose the game industry's corporatist condemnation of used games, and the risk of driving away more than half of your business -- particularly the early adopters who are no doubt overrepresented in a self-selecting online survey by a game-centric company -- is hard to ignore.
Another value emerges from the studies themselves: While the Nordic countries all tend to follow a "Democratic Corporatist Model," differences do exist, things that an outsider might not immediately recognize.
Most recently academic writers have talked about various 'regime types' of welfare states (liberal, laborist, corporatist, social democratic, etc) treating these as geological strata are by geologists, or else, if they have an eye for politics, treating them as active volcanoes are treated by vulcanologists.
But conservatives would do best to put less weight on which corporatist party prevails in November and take aim instead at the philosophy of corporatism itself.
Obviously, the problem cannot be blamed on the OAS but on the way democracy has evolved in the hemisphere, where electoral democracies have been built on the same clientelistic and corporatist structure as in the past, with new democratic institutions based on a precarious rule of law and a culture of incipient legality among the peoples of the region.
Her instinct as a state corporatist will probably on this occasion be against change, but we hope she is at least prepared to look at the evidence.
The corporatist interests of the Egyptian military do not necessarily match the interests of the people of Egypt," said the source close to the flotilla's organisers.
If the City Council has the courage to shape a school-funding measure focusing on the wealthy, we will undoubtedly hear the same fear-mongering from the anti-government corporatist economic royalists that we heard during the campaign for Measures 66 and 67.