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Synonyms for corporal

Synonyms for corporal

of or relating to the human body

Synonyms for corporal

a noncommissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines

affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit

Related Words

possessing or existing in bodily form

References in classic literature ?
And now to the gallows-bird who was still corporal of our troop: it was not long before Raffles was to have his wish and the traitor's wicket.
The spot that we eventually chose and stealthily occupied was behind some bushes through which we could see down into the donga; there were the precious horses; and there sure enough was our wounded corporal, sitting smoking in his cloak, some glimmering thing in his lap.
But Raffles paid no attention to their fire; he was pointing downward through the bushes to where Corporal Connal stood with his back to us, shooing a last charger out of the mouth of the donga towards the Boer trenches.
He was addressing the function of passing-out parade of third batch comprising 332 corporals of Counter Terrorism Force at Elite Police Training School, Bedian Road, here Saturday.
Using the cipher 1A to protect his identity, he offered his condolences to the families of Corporal James Dunsby and Lance Corporals Craig Roberts and Edward Maher.
The families of Corporals Russell Aston, 30, and Simon Miller, 21, and Lance Corporals Benjamin Hyde, 23, and Tom Keys, 20, are bringing a claim under the Human Rights Act for a public inquiry.
A SOLDIER killed by a rogue policeman in Afghanistan described as "one of the best Lance Corporals to have ever worn the cap badge of the Welsh Guards".
Summary: DUBAI -- An Egyptian housewife was on trial on Sunday in the Court of First Instance, accused of threatening two Emirati police corporals.
Solicitors representing Corporal Daniel Kenyon, 34, and Lance Corporals Mark Cooley, 25, and Darren Larkin, 30, criticised the way their clients were punished while senior officers escaped any sanctions for the events that took place at Camp Bread Basket, in Basra.
A former soldier has denied witnessing two North corporals force Iraqi prisoners to simulate sex ( but admitted he had seen other physical abuse taking place.
NINE women Army recruits were ordered on parade in their nighties before one was sexually assaulted by two corporals, a court martial heard yesterday.
By promoting or assigning corporals based on a successful period of rotation through the detective bureau, positive results will ensue.
The five corporals who had sex with Michelle have been disciplined and charges may be levelled against Michelle.
LAHORE -- The first batch of 421 corporals, including 16 women of the Counter Terrorism Force (CTF), passed out from the Elite Police Training School here on Saturday.