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Synonyms for corporal

Synonyms for corporal

of or relating to the human body

Synonyms for corporal

a noncommissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines

affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit

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possessing or existing in bodily form

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Again, this echoes letters in which the village elder was chastised for corporally punishing women, and told to look for outside evidence, or to outside institutions, to support his decisions.
One obvious term of comparison is with the reconstructive "near documentary" aesthetic of Jeff Wall, but even more telling, I think, is the contrast between Delahaye's panoramic pictures and the work of Andreas Gursky, whose large-scale and often fantastically detailed images put a similar premium on sheer visibility while simultaneously cutting themselves off, "severing" themselves, from any corporally imaginable relation to photographer or viewer: Distance in Gursky tends to be absolute, not, as in Delahaye, the dialectical other to proximity and immersion.
Human beings are embodied creations that will live forever corporally transformed.
If she is Mary, love is a fertilizing Holy Ghost whom she receives figuratively and corporally as implied in the interchange of heart and womb in Rime 2.
After being punished, generally corporally, one said one's penance and was then forgiven.
Just as we do not eat corporeal meats spiritually, so can we not eat, according to this analogy, the spiritual ones corporally.
The principle of the habitus emphasizes that the individual is inscribed upon, both corporally and non-corporally, by social, intellectual, and cultural means.
While Christmas will rise in the memories of his Jeffersonian witnesses, he will nonetheless be contained corporally and narratively, and therefore to some degree he will be dismissed, exorcised, forgotten.
Despite the length of time which typically intervened between the time of interview and when these adult respondents were adolescents, about half the sample recalled having been corporally punished one or more times during their teen years.