corporal punishment

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Dr Reilly also said regulations are already being put into motion to ban corporal punishment specifically where a child is in foster or State care.
More than 40 countries have banned corporal punishment in all settings, even in homes, and more than 100 countries ban it in schools.
Opinions on child corporal punishment can also be difficult to sway in countries where there are variations on "acceptable levels" of punishment, and also because parents may be unsure if their actions are considered abusive.
Advocates of corporal punishment in schools argue that it provides an immediate response to indiscipline and that the pupil is quickly back in the classroom learning, rather than being suspended from school.
The researchers also found that the rate of corporal punishment exceeded estimates in other studies, which relied on parents self-reporting.
There is the possibility that corporal punishment of teenagers may be part of the symptomatology of multiple-problem families, and it is only this small group of families within the larger sample of thousands who simultaneously exhibit multiple problems of poverty, alcohol abuse, depression, and family violence.
Raja Anwar said that Plan-Pakistan supported Punjab Education Foundation in designing and piloting a participatory redressal system in the selected schools of PEF to shun corporal punishment.
Despite the commonly held belief that corporal punishment used by loving parents is a good, or at least harmless, disciplining technique, an overwhelming body of research now shows that even mild and moderate corporal punishment has harmful side effects.
Even when a district decides to allow corporal punishment, principals have the final say.
Mondal has a history of giving corporal punishment to students.
Amputation as a form of corporal punishment was incorporated into Sudanese law in 1983 when then-president Gaffar Nimeiry introduced Islamic reforms known as the "September laws".
He suggests that the short-term physical suffering that would accompany the form of corporal punishment with constraints that he proposes is favorably comparable to the long-term psychological suffering caused by incarceration, although he does not propose substituting corporal punishment for incarceration in every case.
THERE seems to be quite an argument going on at the moment about the merits or otherwise of corporal punishment, especially the use of the cane.
This has not only caused this lack but has now let many children of my country reach their final destination either directly or indirectly through the evil of corporal punishment.
WELSH Tories came out in favour of corporal punishment after an embarrassing Cabinet split over caning in schools.