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Synonyms for corozo

any of several tropical American palms bearing corozo nuts

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El corozo o noli (Elaeis oleifera), recurso natural oleaginoso de Colombia.
Worn layered or on its own, it features two-button placket, overlock stitching, long sleeves with rib-knit cuffs, straight hem, and natural Corozo buttons.
Zegna did indigo-dyed linen years ago, and they wouldn't think of using a polyester button, only shell, horn and corozo (coconut hull) will do.
Paul's, Portuguese-style Chicken of Golden Lotus Square, Avalokitesvara Statue, Myanmar sand painting, Myanmar traditional puppet, Myanmar Pagoda postcard, Myanmar traditional costumes, Myanmar jade accessories, Korean children's clothing and accessories, Artesania de cuero, glass hookah tank, Egyptian God Anubis statue, Egyptian Goddess Base statue, traditional ethnic batik, Sunda tribe traditional costumes, batik fans, batik slippers, Indonesian shadow play, Indonesian ancient instrument Kolintang, masks, Ulos traditional costumes, Indonesian fish bond sword, Dutch sabot, painted ostrich eggs, Thailand costumes, corozo nut carving, the 1998 The Commonwealth Games mascot, Batik, Congkak, tin instruments, Wau Bulan, Koran bookshelf, etc.
In addition, lagoons such as La Torrecilla, San Jose and Los Corozos have tarpon patrolling the mangrove shorelines looking for an easy meal.