coronoid process

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a sharp triangular process projecting from a bone

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3) The fracture of the coronoid associated with this injury is usually small and frequently involves the tip of the coronoid process.
Lower jaw teeth with an outer row of 6-8 enlarged curved, spaced canines ending at bend of dentary, about four irregular rows of small conical teeth at symphysis, innermost row increasing in size posteriorly until almost as big as outer symphysial row at middentary, then gradually decreasing in size and ending at dorsal tip of coronoid process.
The body mass of the bank vole is best correlated with three mandibular characters--total length of mandible at processus articularis excluding incisors, length of mandible excluding incisors, and maximum height of mandible excluding coronoid process, and three maxillary characters--zygomatic skull width, length of cranial (upper) diastema, and length of foramen incisivum.
Coronoid process was airly complete, missing only small portions o dorsal edges.
63) The ulna is displaced posteriorly relative to the humerus, resulting in impaction of the coronoid process against olecranon and posterior capitellum against the radial head (Figure 13).
3), the postdentary portion being much deeper, the coronoid process much higher, the anterior margin of the muscle insertion much deeper where it meets the mandibular symphysis (dentary), forming a high curved ridge that is hardly indicated in C.
1) The most common sites are the long tubular bones, especially the femur, humerus, and tibia) In the maxillofacial region, they are most common in the mandible, the condylar area, and the tip of the coronoid process.