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Synonyms for coroneted

belonging to the peerage

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org/wiki/Lord_Protector) Lord Protector of the empire for Edward V, the son of his brother Edward IV, who was to be coroneted to the throne, after his father's death .
On the other hand, cavaliers of the Royal Team and Al-Khalidiya Stables have finished preparations and expressed readiness before the end-of-season competition, asserting their readiness to win the championship cup and to be coroneted in addition to cups they had earlier won this season.
Worth remembering when coroneted and gartered farmers start belly-aching again about the persecution of the countryside by Labour townies.
Among the victims of Collins' penchant for vituperative style literary evaluation was one who was destined to become the Man of Letters par excellence, the most revered critical panjandrum of his day, Edmund Gosse (1849-1928), faithfully portrayed in his full-flowering incarnation as august Librarian of the House of Lords, as 'an elderly mandarin who prided himself on his coroneted friends'.
Its compilers have not discovered a hitherto unknown cohort of coroneted peers; rather they have found it impossible and have indeed made no effort to consolidate names.