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invest with regal power


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7) Unfortunately these same documents are unclear with regard to the actual crown used to coronate the new bride.
Licury cake is obtained by pressing the seeds of Syagrus coronate (Mattius) Beccari, a palm tree well adapted to semi-arid regions in Brazil.
This corner finds it interesting the PA seems ready to coronate Fehr -- and that is in no way a comment on Fehr's integrity, which is apparently beyond reproach.
This is true for all scyphomedusan species except some coronate medusae, such as the genus Nausithoe, whose adults are relatively small (bell diameters generally less than 2 cm) and ephyra-like in form.
Easily one of the hottest fisheries in the nation, the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes made an appropriate backdrop to coronate a champion on what has become the premier tournament trail in Florida.
Finally Judas produces a makeshift crown and tries to coronate Jesus as their king.
As if the bead-tossing, flesh-baring revelry on parade through the streets weren't enough, secret queer societies (krewes) up the pomp-and-circumstance ante with lavish formal-dress balls that simultaneously coronate their carnival royalty and parody straight society.
Due filigrane principali chiaramente visibili: la prima, un'acquila a due teste coronate sovrapposta alla scritta "Carlo" e sormontata da una corona di grandezza superiori alle precedenti; puo essere accostata, per somiglianze non strettissime, a Nostitz Papers 97; la seconda riproduce forse il nome di una cartiera: "Ghiglioto"; una terza filigrana, che appare una volta sola sull'ultima pagina, raffigura un sole (cerchio di diametro mm 15 orlato da dodici raggi) racchiudente due iniziali: "S.
And yet, each year, and throughout the year, the Record continues to coronate a person The Moderator of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
When all of Perelandra meets on a hillside to coronate the King, Tor tells Ransom, "[this is] the beginning of the Great Game, of the Great Dance" (Perelandra 214).
The signature piece of architecture is the Vista House, the stone coronate at Crown Point, a popular stop with a beautiful vantage.
The cable industry did its level best to coronate HDTV at its national convention in Chicago in June.
One Linuche mystery solved: all 3 stages of the coronate scyphomedusa Linuche unguiculata cause seabather's eruption.
Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, emphasizing the importance of adolescent pregnancy prevention, declared she would happily coronate herself the "condom queen" and "wear a crown on my head with a condom on it" if only she could "get every young person in the United States who is engaging in sex to use a condom.