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Synonyms for corona

the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere

(botany) the trumpet-shaped or cup-shaped outgrowth of the corolla of a daffodil or narcissus flower

one or more circles of light seen around a luminous object

(anatomy) any structure that resembles a crown in shape

a long cigar with blunt ends

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And Corona is becoming the community's beer of choice.
The revival of Corona, which is brewed in Mexico by Grupo Modelo SA and distributed in the United States by Barton Beers and Gambrinus Co.
A healthy person, says Mr Garion-Hutchings, will display an even and continuous corona, whereas a broken, uneven corona would indicate loss of energy.
Somebody suffering from a hangover, for example, will have a less clear corona.
Vacuum plasmas have the advantage of being able to treat nooks and crannies in large parts more easily than most coronas can.
Advantages of corona over vacuum plasma are that coronas readily lend themselves to continuous production, whereas vacuum plasma is primarily a batch process.
Because telescopes on Earth are cheaper and more accessible than those in space, the finding could lead to more frequent and lengthy monitoring of coronas, notes Schmitt.
New findings may help solve one of the biggest puzzles about the sun: Although its outer atmosphere, or corona, lies thousands of kilometers above the sun's visible surface, this distant region is about 1,000 times hotter than the surface.
ASE: ONC) announced today the addition of two new directors to its board, Derace Schaffer, MD, and Jose Coronas, increasing board membership to eight.
Internal currents created by the sinking would have formed the coronas by compressing the surface, and the ridges and troughs would represent compressional folds within the coronas.
March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ComRent International, LLC announces the addition of airborne cameras and hand-held corona cameras to its power testing product offerings, providing utility customers immediate savings in time and improved safety as well as a clear course for a maintenance strategy for mission critical power systems with the Ofil DayCor ROM and Ofil DayCor Superb.
The corona extends at least 150,000 light-years above and below the plane of our spiral galaxy.
For more information on the Corona SunSets experiences, please visit http://www.
Corona's instructors have proven their skills and knowledge by passing the SolarWinds Certified Professional test," said Danny George, President Corona Technical services LLC.
an optical interconnect company, and Corona Optical Systems, Inc.