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(medicine) any disturbance in the functioning of an organ or body part or a disturbance in the functioning of a social group

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26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- New research shows that many women have undiagnosed heart disease even after getting tested for it-3 million women in the United States have a hard-to-spot form of heart disease called coronary microvascular dysfunction (MVD) that isn't detected by standard diagnostic tests.
However, the finding of impaired coronary microvascular dysfunction is more prominent in MS patients may provide important information clarifying the pathogenesis of MetSinduced cardiovascular events.
Recent evidence has suggested that endothelial nitric oxide (NOx) bioavailability and inhibition of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis by endogenous inhibitors of NO synthase (NOS) may be casually involved in the progression of coronary microvascular dysfunction in a significant portion of patients with syndrome X (3,4).