coronary care unit

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a hospital unit specially staffed and equipped to treat patients with serious cardiac problems

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This donation means so much to the Coronary Care Unit and I am humbled by another donation to coronary care in the area.
Consultant cardiologist, Dr John Barker said: "The clinical teams felt the idea of bringing the coronary care unit and the cardiology ward together would have many benefits for patients, including improving the clinical care available to them, providing a better environment for their care, reducing the amount of time people spend in hospital and improving outreach work across the hospital to make sure cardiology patients receive the specialist care they need as quickly as possible.
restricted visiting hours in the coronary care unit.
65 million Coronary Care Unit (CCU) renovation that includes technological and comfort upgrades to the 11-bed unit that serves more than 2,000 patients every year.
Dr Ian Squire, Senior Lecturer in Medicine/Consultant Physician, Coronary Care Unit, Leicester Royal Infirmary, who participated in the study data collection said: "These new findings clearly demonstrate the importance of early treatment with eplerenone for appropriate patients who have survived a heart attack.
Glendale Adventist received 12 awards from PRC, a national health care marketing research company: three in patient satisfaction for its outpatient radiology, MRI Coronary Care Unit and Emergency Department; four in physician satisfaction; and five in employee satisfaction.
In the San Francisco coronary care unit, she displayed a smile, admired my blouse, wondered why I'd come all the way to see her in a hospital bed.
They reviewed the charts of 208 ACS patients treated with enoxaparin over a 1-year period at a single coronary care unit.
This is a way to essentially have an ambulatory coronary care unit to monitor patients with a variety of cardiovascular problems.
A memo from a cardiologist to his hospital's chief executive asked that chest pain patients being admitted by emergency physicians go immediately to the coronary care unit.
James De Lemos, associate professor of medicine at the UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and director of the coronary care unit at Parkland Memorial Hospital;
The event has since become an annual affair, along with other activities such as concerts and quizes, with all proceeds going to the hospital's coronary care unit.
They reported: "The authority is concerned that the lack of a dedicated cleaning staff on the coronary care unit and medical one may have contributed to the findings.
LYING seriously ill in a coronary care unit prompted a man to compete at the National Eisteddfod.
Mr Bird was blue-lighted all the way to the Coronary Care Unit and after an examination and some tests, Mr Bird was offered a pacemaker, the very same day.