coronal suture

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the suture between the parietal and frontal bones of the skull

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83 mm), tapering posteriorly to form a poorly defined cervical region with prominent occipital suture; coronal suture 0.
Of the 16 patients included in the study, 14 presented with single-suture craniosynostosis: 6 involved metopic suture; 5, sagittal suture; and 3, coronal suture.
The most commonly encountered single suture synostoses are the sagittal suture (scaphocephaly) and the coronal suture (plagiocephaly).
coronal suture forms rear edge; this and sides worked smooth.
Head broadly rounded anteriorly, bearing small conical processes at the base of genae; coronal suture fully developed.
In "Primal Sound," an essay written in 1919, Rainer Maria Rilke fantasizes about dropping a phonograph needle into a skull's coronal suture (the line created by the fusing of bone plates during infancy):
As if "the facilitations of Freud and Exner had been projected out of the brain onto its enclosure, the naked eye is now able to read the coronal suture as a writing of the real .