coronal suture

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the suture between the parietal and frontal bones of the skull

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1989) recommend that harvesting should be carried out in the anterior third (Sa), 2 cm away from the coronal suture and 1,5 cm away from the sagittal suture.
6 It is characterised by high prominent forehead flat back of occiput, flat or concave face due to premature union of coronal suture and deficient growth of midfaical bones leading to mandibular prognathism.
In coronal suture near complete closure occurs by the age of 40-49 age and total closure occurs by 50-59 years.
Crown rounded anteriorly, length slightly shorter than width between eyes, anterior and posterior margins almost parallel, coronal suture distinct, not attaining anterior margin of crown (Fig.
Premature fusion of the coronal suture may occur unilaterally (anterior plagiocephaly) or bilaterally (brachycephaly).
Microcephaly had resulted from early closure of sagittal and coronal sutures and lambdoid suture while plagiocephaly resulted from early metopic suture closure.
In addition to the cranial outlines, dorsoventral landmarks included: cervical sensilla, origin of the coronal suture, egg bursters, dorsal mandibular articulations, origin of occipital suture, corneal lenses (17) one, two and three (18), anteromaxillary margins, cervical notches, and tentorial pits on the venter.
Vertex subrectangular, more or less evenly covered in microsculpture and sparse microscopical setae, anteriorly evenly rounded to genae; coronal suture fully developed; anterolateral angle forming small tubercle.
In "Primal Sound," an essay written in 1919, Rainer Maria Rilke fantasizes about dropping a phonograph needle into a skull's coronal suture (the line created by the fusing of bone plates during infancy):
As if "the facilitations of Freud and Exner had been projected out of the brain onto its enclosure, the naked eye is now able to read the coronal suture as a writing of the real .
1) A well-defined zone of clear and porous bone, measuring about 15 x 60 mm was observed along the coronal suture, at the upper frontal (Figure 3).
For coronal synostosis, a 2-cm incision was made at the junction of the coronal suture and the superior temporal line.
His sagittal suture was palpable, but the coronal suture was not.
The coronal suture usually splits first, followed by the lambdoid and the sagittal sutures.