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the work of making something smooth and shiny by rubbing or waxing it


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The EFDA/RDA would be responsible for assisting the dental hygienist in performing supragingival scaling, coronal polishing, application of sealants, and additional preventive procedures for patients.
The rule change also established requirements for coronal polishing and application of caries prevention agents by dental assistants.
While textbooks and manufacturers recommend using an air pressure of 20 psi or less for routine coronal polishing with a slow-speed handpiece, no studies have been reported to verify that this air pressure is sufficient for the smooth operation of disposable angles.
It includes site-specific scaling and root planing where indicated and coronal polishing.
The report was published in early April 2016 with a recommendation to discontinue all dental assisting certificates in Texas (Radiation, Pit & Fissure, Coronal Polishing & monitoring nitrous oxide).
Other states, such as Wyoming, do not require an assistant to pass boards to practice, but they must get special certifications in order to complete different duties, like coronal polishing or radiology.
Dental Assistants must hold a current permit issued by the Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners to perform dental radiography, coronal polishing, administration/monitoring of nitrous oxide, and sedation monitoring in the dental office.