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flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes

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o], conforme descrito na secao 2, mas tambem em nomes com VT [o] cuja vogal precedente seja media coronal, constituindo, consequentemente, a sequencia [e] .
It will be shown that a constraint requiring a coronal consonant to be followed by another coronal consonant is responsible for the blocking of lenition at the junction of two coronals (Coronal Blocking) and for the exceptional change of s to t (instead of expected h) in certain environments (s-Fortition).
The series is also designed to provide background information for the many media weather forecasters who often refer to solar-related phenomena such as flares, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), coronal holes, and geomagnetic storms.
The researchers suggest that if both coronal mass ejections and coronal jets have the same source, this process can be considered "a universal model for solar eruptions.
The visible light seen in total solar eclipses is photospheric light scattered by free electrons in the corona, and not 'emitted' by coronal plasmas.
Coronal Energy was advised by the principals of EOS Capital Advisors LLC.
All failure sites were assessed for either failure above the CEJ (with some coronal dentin) (A) or below the CEJ with no coronal tooth structure remaining (B).
Using full-length X-ray, the preoperative femoral valgus angle and lower extremity alignment, as well as 2-week postoperative femoral and tibial prosthetic coronal alignment and overall lower extremity alignment, were measured.
The objective of the present study is to observe the chronology and pattern of union of endocranial sutures namely coronal, sagittal and lambdoid etc.
Using standard imaging parameters, coronal oblique images tend to include more of the muscle bellies of the rotator cuff than sagittal oblique images.
Coronal motions, which covers at least thirty times bigger space than the surface of earth on Sun's surface, can be seen in video brightly.
ISLAMABAD -- NASA's orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory has mapped an enormous coronal hole-a gap in the Sun's outer layer and magnetic field- which is the size of 50 Earths and is releasing an extra-fast solar wind in Earth's direction.
Posteriormente fueron cortados en sentido sagital y coronal a 4 micras en microtomo de tejidos blandos, montados en portaobjetos de vidrio de banda mate de 27x76 y finalmente tenidos con hematoxilina-eosina [27, 28].
Coronal Development Services LLC, the development unit of Coronal Group (Coronal), has promoted Danny Van Clief to executive vice president.
Adult Degenerative Scoliosis: Coronal and Sagittal Deformities: Treatment and Management