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In other words, molecules on the substrate's surface are altered by the corona discharge in such a way that the surface energy of the substrate is increased, therefore improving ink adhesion.
uses corona discharge to generate ions that prevent electrostatic build-up on resin pellets, printed circuit boards, optical lenses, vibratory feeders, and surfaces to be painted.
Both models use patented corona discharge chamber technology to destroy impurities more effectively than ionization or particle filtration.
Table 1 - factorial designed experiment Variables Description Low value Surface treatment Corona discharge None EPDM extrusion temp.
Liu, Surface modification of polyester fabric by corona discharge irradiation, Eur.
The inks are formulated for high-speed decoration on top-coated and corona discharge treated polyethylene and polypropylene.
Litex's patented Corona Discharge Device (CDD(TM)), when installed in an automobile's exhaust stream, helps the catalytic converter work more efficiently to reduce hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen.
Electrical stress results primarily from corona discharge (when the voltage gradient exceeds critical value), leakage current from the line and arcing or flashover discharge from the line to the support structure.
This new corona discharge ionization detector also has better long term stability than photo-ionization detectors (PID) when used to detect high ionization energy chemical with ionization potentials greater than 10.
The vacuum interrupters offer long service lives and require no routine maintenance, while the high-quality epoxy resin insulation eliminates the risk of corona discharge and arc faults.
Extensive testing and vehicle trials have shown that at 30 ppm sulfur level such sulfur, poisoning can be greatly reduced and even reversed in vehicles equipped with the Litex Corona Discharge Device (CDD(TM)).
Potential alternate methods for treatment include plasma treatment, corona discharge, wet chemical treatment, primers and flame treatment.
The four stages of the Nature's Spring Ozone Purifier include a patented, thermally bonded micro-fiber prefilter, a high-quality activated carbon filter, a corona discharge ozone generator and patented mixing baffle, and a final carbon polishing filter which removes excess ozone at the end of the process.
Corona discharge was explored as a means of forming chemically active sites on the surface of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film.