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Using pulsed corona discharge with enlarged zone of ionization for the conversion of toxic gaseous waste.
Optical study of active species produced by a pulsed streamer corona discharge in water.
In the case of a negative potential, the effect of the Re number is insignificant and corona discharge is practically at the same voltage (4-5 kV) for whole range of Re numbers investigated but it is at smaller voltages than in the case of a positive potential.
The optophysic treatment is a technique that involves exposing the ABS surface sequentially to a corona discharge electrode of 20 kV and to UV rays from a 125 W mercury lamp (Fig.
When installing a new transmission line, an electrical engineer builds a multiphysics model to analyze electrical conductivity, protective coating requirements, corona discharge, pole structure stability, and other effects.
System of DC corona discharge equations was used for modelling of the field:
The pylons can cause corona discharge, stray voltage and construction noise in addition to wind-generated noise.
Most atoms have a neutral charge (ie, they have an equal number of positively-charged protons and negatively-charged electrons); molecules passing through the corona discharge either pick up an additional electron, giving the molecule a negative charge, lose an electron, giving it a positive charge.
Corona discharge initiates when a water droplet on the surface of an insulator starts to change the shape only under electrical stress [3].
At the pilot scale, new capabilities include in-line web cleaning, improved corona discharge treatment, UV curing (including a temperature-controlled backing roll), higher precision steering and conveyance, and lamination.
It uses the latest flat plate micro gap corona discharge technology, with proven uses in fresh product sanitizing and disinfection of process waters.
Corona discharge creates ozone by applying high voltage to a metallic grid placed between two dielectrics.
The goal of this work is therefore to develop a computer program that simplifies analysis of HV media to understand corona discharge and predict the overload effects of lines in order to analyze voltage distribution between lines.
13 -- Bicron Electronics has introduced a high voltage IGBT Gate Drive solution that protects against damaging corona discharge that can severely damage ordinary transformers and their connected circuits.
Although safety agencies have not included any requirement to measure the corona discharge in the safety test requirements, by accurately measuring the leakage current dynamically in very small levels, it is possible to determine if the unit is in one of the following conditions: