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Synonyms for corona

the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere

(botany) the trumpet-shaped or cup-shaped outgrowth of the corolla of a daffodil or narcissus flower

one or more circles of light seen around a luminous object

(anatomy) any structure that resembles a crown in shape

a long cigar with blunt ends

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Caption: Energy released from strong magnetic fields on the sun's surface, as seen in this simulation, pluck at weaker but larger fields that extend far into the solar corona.
Corona and SFX explored multiple categories of music and artists to find the perfect combination of sounds that could translate into a soundtrack that brings the spirit of the beach to life.
com)-- North Village Group has been selected for the 2013 Best of Corona Award in the Web Services category by the Corona Award Program.
Tupas and other House of Representative members sitting in the impeachment trial as prosecutors had alleged that Corona owned several properties and that these assets were not commensurate with the Chief Justice's salary as a public official.
The great beauty of Movida Corona is that it gives amateur DJs a fantastic platform in what is becoming an increasingly difficult industry to break into.
2] corona treating system is configured to treat conductive and non-conductive webs using the same electrode.
Hinode also carries an X-ray telescope that detects hot gases in the sun's corona.
An electron beam developed in an open atmosphere maintains a prescribed and applied frequency through the use of a nitrogen cover gas, ionizing the gas to create a corona beam.
German manufacturer of corona treaters and flame treaters.
Joel Corona, recycling market area manager in California for the Recycle America Alliance subsidiary of Waste Management Inc.
To find out more about this quirk, Goheen and colleagues equipped an enclosed polycarbonate box with a stainless steel negative ion source--or corona discharge--in the roof, an exhaust tube in one side to monitor ozone, and a grounded wire mesh just above the floor.
The NROs' first satellite program, Corona truly shocked the world of reconnaissance, and, with the completion of the second successful Corona mission in December of 1960, the Corona program imaged 3.
Corona provides Cinco de Mayo POS materials to remind consumers that Cinco festivities aren't complete without Corona Extra and Corona Light.