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(botany) the whorl of petals of a flower that collectively form an inner floral envelope or layer of the perianth

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They have created a whole page dedicated to the 2015 Toyota Corolla in Scarborough Ontario.
Auto Business News-February 18, 2015--Toyota produces 500,000th Corolla at Mississippi plant
The new Toyota Corolla has been officially launched by Al Futtaim Motors, the distributors of Japanese brand in the UAE.
Al Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Toyota vehicles in the UAE, has officially launched all-new Corolla 2014 model in the country.
Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributors of Toyota in the UAE, launched the all-new Toyota Corolla on the opening day of this year's Dubai International Motor Show and also unveiled the FT-86 Open Concept car.
More than a million units have been sold each year since 2002; last year, a total of 3,180 Corollas were sold every day across more than 150 countries and regions.
This milestone marks another historic achievement for the Corolla, Toyota's perennial global car.
The hybrid version of the Corolla car to be released possibly in August by Toyota Motor Corp.
A spokesman for Toyota, Mike Michels, insisted that including all the models, Toyota has sold 603,840 Corollas in the first half, beating the Focus by about 114,000, the paper said.
A customer can even win one of the 30 Corollas, which are on raffle along with assured high value gifts.
The world's top selling car ( the Toyota Corolla ( is celebrating its 40th birthday amid rumours it's about to be renamed.
1 Corolla per hour, every hour for 40 years and production has averaged 2,160 Corollas a day.
Over the years Corollas have won races and rallies, done innumerable school runs and helped millions learn to drive.
Only 250 supercharged Corollas will be available in Britain and although it will be illegal for dealers to sell them new from next January, the cars will be perfectly legal to drive if bought before then
The engines will be provided to Corollas vehicles manufactured in Europe as well.