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Synonyms for corollary


Synonyms for corollary

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a practical consequence that follows naturally

(logic) an inference that follows directly from the proof of another proposition

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If we put F = G and f = g in Corollary 18, we get the following result.
4 reduces to a result obtained by Owa and Obradovic [27, Corollary 2].
For [alpha] = 1, a = 1/10, b = 9/10 and f same as in above corollary, we obtain:
Data suggest that in schizophrenia, corollary discharge fails to alert the temporal lobes that these thoughts are self-generated, leading to the misattribution of inner speech to external sources and producing the experience of auditory hallucinations, said Dr.
The corollary involves the concepts of prevention and detection.
The proof of Corollary 2 is straightforward from Theorem 1.
The goal of all this is, of course, not just a mere portrayal of an ocean and its corollary systems; it is an appreciation and a beginning of understanding of Gala itself, the earth and its numberless life forms.
Eighty of the cats had malignant lymphoma--a feline corollary to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in people; the other cats were diagnosed with a comparably serious disease having no link to smoking.
As a necessary corollary to the encouraging growth in the neighborhood, efforts are underway to protect the cobblestone streets and low-rise former meatpacking plants and other buildings that make the neighborhood attractive to diners, shoppers and businesses.
Not sure what the corollary is today: "Uncle John" crossed my mind (in honor of John Paulk), but that wouldn't be politically correct, would it?
The solution is the "new-value exception"--a corollary to the Code's absolute-priority rule, which, though ambiguous, has been upheld by some bankruptcy courts.
A corollary disadvantage is that Pat will also have to include in income the cost of any group-term life insurance provided to Chris.
control over tribal self-governance and for a corollary duty on the part of the U.
Corollary 1 - Storage density (magnetic) increases between 60 and 100% every year.