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a goat's horn filled with grain and flowers and fruit symbolizing prosperity

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Cypher's store of eatables she poured out upon us with royal indifference to price and quantity, as from a cornucopia that knew no exhaustion.
Two cornucopias are seen in the flag and state seal of Idaho.
Decorated by hundreds of volunteers, the 35-foot-long A Magical Place to Call Home float featured overflowing overflowing cornucopias and a giant fairy with animated wings - incorporating the parade's 2006 theme, ``It's Magical,'' with the city's ``A Place to Call Home'' slogan.
YOU WILL NEED: Table runner made from fall-hued fabric 3/8-inch copper tubing (approximately 10 feet for 2 cornucopias, available at hardware stores) 1 or 2 medium to large pumpkins, any color Miniature pumpkins, decorative squash, and gourds (24 various shapes, sizes, and colors for an 8-foot table) 8 to 10 yards ribbon Candles Raffia
PALMDALE - Overflowing cornucopias and a giant fairy with animated wings will be the key features of ``A Magical Place to Call Home,'' Palmdale's float in the 2006 Tournament of Roses parade.