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a goat's horn filled with grain and flowers and fruit symbolizing prosperity

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As I plowed through the Bard's 38 plays and magnificent sonnets dedicated to the enigmatic Dark Lady (or man, if you fall into that camp), I fell deeply under the spell of his towering intellect and cornucopian vocabulary.
The Cornucopian Text: Problems of Writing in the French Renaissance.
G was a first-rate cook and she maintained her patron en pleine forme, in Liebling's estimation, by feeding him daily lunches of the cornucopian sort.
At the very least, the notion of a contented, self-sufficient ensemble of households is implied in such references--Homer's as well as McNeill's--to gladsome dancing amid cornucopian harvests.
Worst of all, every paperback book culminates in "HarperCollins's The Cornucopian Cavalcade," a free serial supplement of Snickety comics, advice, activities, and stories certain to corrupt even the most innocent mind.
Such technological enthusiasms are more commonly encountered among so-called cornucopian optimists, who dismiss all ecological concerns.
44) For its promoters, then, the Covent Garden Bazaar not only hastened the repeal of the Corn Laws the following year, it also portended a new way of life, allowed visitors to glimpse fragments of a cornucopian future or eat it in the form of a giant plum cake.
I once counted 140 different kinds, sizes, and brands of breakfast cereal in my supermarket, surely a cornucopian selection.
Cornucopian market economists like Bill Harbaugh (guest viewpoint, Feb.
Dr Steve Cutts (Post, April 5) extols a catalogue of veritable wonder crops, which, he assures us, will usher in a new era of cornucopian plenty.
In sum, the two Field Day volumes of Irish Women's Writing and Traditions are a dazzling and cornucopian archive to which no single reader can fully do justice.
The response of full-timers dismissed their employment was to appeal against the party to the cornucopian Comintern; several solicited paid employment for their families in Moscow.
Romanticism has been subsumed within a cornucopian managerialism that assures us that, if we are smart enough, we can have it all.
Cole is a law professor, at ease with gathering information from studies and case law, and passing it on in cornucopian abundance.
One can only be grateful for the generous labors of Robert Atwan, George Dardess, and Peggy Rosenthal in bringing together a cornucopian selection of excellent poems in Divine Inspiration: The Life of Jesus in World Poetry.