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(anatomy) any structure that resembles a horn in shape

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Transvaginal ultrasound-guided methotrexate injection of cornual ectopic pregnancy.
However, ruptured cases are managed as urgent cases; cornuostomy, cornual resection or hysterectomy is done to handle the life-threatening bleeding.
Although the ultrasound and CT scan abdomen showed haemoperitonuem the cornual uterine defect remained undiagnosed and the cause of bleed was mistakenly attributed to the liver cyst.
12), right tubal blockage at cornual end with normal left outlining the ovarian cyst in 1.
A unique depression was consistently found at the cornual end of the temporal line of the skull medial to the middle portion of the caudal boundary of the orbit and dorsal to the lateral portion of the parietofrontal suture.
Histopathologic changes in the cornual portion of the fallopian tube following a single transcervical insertion of quinacrine hydrochloride pellets," Advances in Contraception, (March, 1991).
Unlike traditional ablation techniques relying on precise direct application of laser or electrosurgical energy to the entire lining of the uterus, the Hydro ThermAblator utilizes freely circulated heated saline that fully conforms to the entire uterine cavity, including the difficult to reach cornual areas.
Tubal cornual spasm can give false positive result.
While there are many surgical approaches to device removal, our preference is to perform salpingectomy with cornual resection, so as to avoid traction on the microinsert, and remove the device intact.
Local analgesia was achieved with cornual nerve block (Fig.
Absence of filling of tube or absence of spill from fimbria was considered cornual and fimbrial block, respectively.
Additionally, the distinction from tubal ectopics is important, as cornual pregnancies have an increased risk of severe hemorrhage and mortality.
Endometrial cavity deformity, cornual ostia obstruction, altered uterine contractility, and altered endometrial development may each play a role (Obstet.
A 150x100 mm solid mass with irregular borders and containing haemorrhagic degenerative regions originating from right cornual region of uterus was observed.
Among 50 patients followed for 10 years after total rollerball endometrial ablation, 2 developed symptomatic cornual hematometras and 3 developed postablation tubal sterilization syndrome (PATSS), he reported at the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Obstetrical and Gynecological Society.