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(anatomy) any structure that resembles a horn in shape

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24,25) An additional feature that can be helpful is the "interstitial line sign," representing a thin echogenic line extending from the endometrial canal directly to the gestational sac, representing the cornual segment of the endometrial canal or interstitial portion of the fallopian tube (Figure 10).
While often the terms interstitial and cornual pregnancy are used interchangeably, there is a specific difference.
Ultrasonographically, an echogenic line, which is felt to represent the interstitial portion of the fallopian tube, is seen extending into the cornual region and abutting the midportion of the eccentric gestational sac.
The cornual portion of the tube should be desiccated close to the uterus.
Among 50 patients followed for 10 years after total rollerball endometrial ablation, 2 developed symptomatic cornual hematometras and 3 developed postablation tubal sterilization syndrome (PATSS), he reported at the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Obstetrical and Gynecological Society.
Cornual pregnancy itself is a very rare condition and a challenging diagnosis to make.
When capturing images, the clinician should ensure proper occlusion by magnifying the cornual region of each implanted tube.
In one case, the clinician apparently misread the HSG, which other reviewers later determined did indeed document a cornual perforation.
They applied a 7-minute freeze to both cornual areas if the uterus sounded 9 cm or less.
MONTREAL -- Precise ultrasound markers can now aid physicians in distinguishing between interstitial, cornual, and subcornual pregnancies.
McCausland's presentation documented another set of complications of post--total ablation intrauterine contracture, including bleeding in the cornual area, causing cornual hematometra.