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(anatomy) any structure that resembles a horn in shape

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For Makouda station, 12 species are omnipresent, Cornu aspersa maxima, Cornu aspersa aspersa, Cantareus apertus, Otala punctata, Eobania vermiculata, Xerosecta calida, Cernuella virgata, Cernuella sp2.
Cornu aspersum were collected from local gardens in Monmouth, Oregon, within 24 hours of conducting the experiments.
Lesser Cornu of Hyoid Bone: This projects from junction of body and greater cornu of hyoid bone.
Genital plates elongated straight slendrical; lateral plates distinctly large elongated-oval; spermatheca with cornu distinctly short ramus longer than cornu nodulus absent.
The mineral springs from Cornu are clustered in Oligocene formations; the main types are: sulfate and sulfurous water.
Carnyx by Celtic peoples, cornu by Etruscans, lur by Scandinavians, buccina by the Romans, it became the trompe by devotees of the hunt.
The dorsal cornu is more pigmented towards the ventral region and pointed posteriorly elongated.
Florian Cornu, the founder of the site said, 'While people might have well known destinations like Phuket and Bali in mind, it would take them time to compare the prices for those, while on Flocations they can compare them in a second, as well as dozens of other places they did not even think of.
Le Cornu y Ewing (2008) nos proponen un marco conceptual que identifica tres modelos u orientaciones para entender el camino hecho por las universidades australianas en busca de una formacion inicial de calidad.
The 470 boat was designed in 1963 by the Frenchman Andr Cornu as a modern fibreglass planing dinghy to appeal to sailors of different sizes and ages.
Evidencias de estas dificultades en el establecimiento y micropropagacion de este genero son los trabajos de Cornu y Jay-Allemand (1989), Revilla et al.
Legal linguistics or judicial linguistics studies specialized vocabulary of the legal field, representing a discipline in the francophone area (Francois Geny, Gerard Cornu, Jean Claude Gemar) with Legal Terminology and legal discourse as object of study.
30 at Raymond Vineyards to enjoy the new hospitality facilities with Raymond's owner, Jean-Charles Boisset, network with each other and enjoy the cooking of French-born Michel Cornu, Raymond's corporate chef.
We describe the first case of delayed presentation of an isolated traumatic dislocation of the greater cornu of the hyoid bone, with a review of the literature of hyoid bone injuries in surviving patients.
An unusual cause of foreign-body sensation in the throat: A displaced superior cornu of the thyroid cartilage