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(anatomy) any structure that resembles a horn in shape

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Further, the high attrition rate of beginning teachers has been partially attributed to the fact that there are too few available placements in schools for professional experience (Le Cornu & Ewing, 2008) with an oversupply of pre-service teachers to available school ratio.
There does exist a small literature on Marx's articles (see, for example, Cornu 1958, ii, 72ff.
v Liam Walsh (England) Jul 12 Domenico Urbano W TKO8 Sep 11 Paul Appleby W RTD10 Mar 11 Jon Kays W KO10 Oct 10 Maxwell Awuku W Pts12 Sep 10 Sebastien Cornu W Pts6 Age: 26; Overall record: 13 fights, 13 wins (10 inside distance).
Florian Cornu, the founder of the site said, 'While people might have well known destinations like Phuket and Bali in mind, it would take them time to compare the prices for those, while on Flocations they can compare them in a second, as well as dozens of other places they did not even think of.
1998), who successfully used a dehydrated diet for culture of Cornu aspersum (Muller 1774) (as Helix aspera (Muller); Pulmonata: Helicidae), Most of these techniques, while adequate for small-scale maintenance and culture, are not particularly conducive for large-scale culture, or experimentation under uniform conditions.
The 470 boat was designed in 1963 by the Frenchman Andr Cornu as a modern fibreglass planing dinghy to appeal to sailors of different sizes and ages.
8) Eliza Westbury and Ella Cornu sell lemonade a tenth of a mile from the race start.
Mattot M, Ninane J, Bigaignon G, Vermylen C, Cornu G.
Com estas ressalvas ao positivismo e ao contextualismo, ficam aplacados os receios de alguns autores, como Orlando Tambosi (2005) e Daniel Cornu (1999), de descartarem a teoria da verdade como correspondencia, mesmo em face das suas limitacoes logicas, para nao incorrer na relativizacao absoluta da verdade--a perda da posicao realista de pressupor a existencia da verdade de um mundo que existe independentemente de nossas interpretacoes.
We describe the first case of delayed presentation of an isolated traumatic dislocation of the greater cornu of the hyoid bone, with a review of the literature of hyoid bone injuries in surviving patients.
An unusual cause of foreign-body sensation in the throat: A displaced superior cornu of the thyroid cartilage
28, bsc) deep brown-black in area of ventral plate, but becoming markedly paler posteriad to dorsal bridge of dorsal cornu and posterior and lateral regions of the ventral cornu, here weakly sclerotized, in region of cibarium with series of posteriorly-directed lines or ridges.
The price of the cereals didn't change to reflect the lower cost of materials, however, the Cornu copia Institute and retailers said.
Nordez A, Foure A, Dombrowski E, Mariot J-P, Cornu C & McNair PJ (2010): Improvements to Hoang et al.
I felt really good in my last fight," said Ormond, who halted Sebastien Cornu in December to extend his winning run to eight fights.