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the stalk of a corn plant

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Proximate and ultimate analyses of oil shale semi-coke and cornstalk samples Sample Proximate analysis, % [M.
Reproductive studies of the lesser cornstalk borer have been conducted on cowpeas or southern peas (Luginbill & Ainslei 1917; Dupree 1965), peanuts (King et al.
Abbott of the First Australian Horse from New South Wales included the story of Corporal Clarkson in a book he had published in 1902 called "Tommy Cornstalk.
With a cornstalk sprouting symbolically from his foot, his complement on the east side is the goddess of agriculture, of whom Llosa says: "She is the second largest figure on the facade.
Dave and Betty Huebsch, learning that the people's top priority was schools and that they did not want to wait two years until permanent ones could be built, created temporary ones, using the stone and cornstalk construction prevalent in the area.
The company expects that the application of various completion techniques on all of the planned wells will provide the necessary information to ultimately determine the commerciality of the Cornstalk area of its West Virginia acreage.
9] found that combustion characteristics can be improved when cornstalk was mixed with oil shale semi-coke.
Though the Albany team's focus was on grass clippings, the logs can also be made from agricultural-harvest leftovers, such as rice straw, corncobs, or cornstalk residue.
Lesser cornstalk borer (LCB), Elasmopalpus lignosellus (Zeller), is a polyphagous pest with a wide range of host plants including weeds, vegetable crops, and field crops (Funderburk et al.
Using a small paint brush or even your finger, pick up some of the pollen dust from the upper leaves and daub it onto the fresh silks coming out of the tiny ears forming along the sides of each cornstalk.
Meanwhile, the bean plant climbs up the cornstalk and anchors it to the ground.
Lately, some of them have been successfully applied to other fields: biomass (lignin, cornstalk, tobacco, hardwood) pyrolysis, prediction of NOx emission from combustion, and used in predicting the behavior of fixed and fluidized-bed systems.
Low-cut" harvests--which reaped almost the entire cornstalk and the cob-were also made with the row-crop head and left only about 4 inches of stubble.
6 What did the cornstalk say when it was about to be peeled?