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cornbread often made without milk or eggs and baked or fried (southern)


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People just decided to look around, take a test drive, see if someone else-maybe Senator Paul Simon, the lovely, cornpone idealist of Illinois-might be a president.
He then hints at a point that I hope to make explicit: "Starting with the high-gloss cheeriness of 'New Sun in the Sky' these specialties hit a wide range of notes in the musical-revue spectrum, from the urbane ('I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan'), to tongue-in-cheek cornpone ('Louisiana Hayride') and dizzy farce ('Triplets').
Twain-inspired activities include making printer's type, building a model paddlewheel boat, unmasking a hoax, inventing new words, cooking cornpone, planning a newspaper, observing people, and writing maxims.
A FILM DIVIDED against itself, ``Cold Mountain'' wants to simultaneously be a gritty examination of war's devastation and a grand romance, a harrowing study in survival and a cornpone comedy, a distinctive work of art and a conventional commercial/middlebrow award winner.
They quickly put to rest my image of Westermann as a cornpone crank.
Parts of the poem may feel thin; I think that is built into the genre, parts of Maximus, Paterson, and The Cantos feel a little thin to me - as well as garrulous, cornpone, flowery, forced, self-indulgent, pretentious, and impenetrable.
Hence her wicked parody of Sartre's nihilistic absurdism in Hazel Motes, the protagonist and cornpone discerner of le Neant in her first novel, Wise Blood.
Though Keillor's Republican-of-today is meant to be mean/funny, the idea of "peace, prosperity and decency" in the 1950s is old-guy cornpone nostalgia.
Starring Billy Ray Cyrus, whose previous contribution to popular culture was the mullet, as a lariat-wielding cowboy of a healer whose tight jeans and aw-shucks manner turns hard-bitten New York women to mush, ``Doc'' offers cornpone entertainment in the extreme.
Here, he says, is a "fair-haired boy who not only professes decency but exudes it from every respectful pore," a sort of latter-day cornpone hero being taken up by the bright young things at The New York Times.