cornmeal mush

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cornmeal boiled in water

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POLENTA MARCHIGIANA From the Marche region of Italy comes this ultimate comfort food Polenta is basically cornmeal mush cooked to a very soft, creamy consistency Top with tomato sauce, and bits of sausage, meal or seafood.
Tis called polenta, Robin, and as a floor covering it hath no equal" explained the salesman: The title of Baxter's 2004 framed ink-and-pastel drawing almost needs no visual accompaniment, but it's made all the funnier by a rendition of the fictional rebel hero watching as a huge yellow sheet of the cornmeal mush is laid out in a Sherwood Forest clearing.
Along with cubed steak, our table featured other foodstuffs that were to disappear as times improved: homefermented kraut, catfish and an occasional steamed carp; fried cornmeal mush with syrup made from choke-cherries picked along the Burlington tracks.
The term tamale pie first appeared in 1911 and refers to ``a dish of cornmeal mush filled with chopped meat and a hot chili sauce,'' according to John Miriani in his ``The Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink.
Working over a simple fireplace in the middle of a poorly ventilated, thatched dwelling, the women prepared a batch of sadza - a thick cornmeal mush that serves as a dietary staple -- using each fuel.
For another hearty meal, try Pork Picadillo Pie -- another Latin-inspired dish -- which features classic picadillo (ground meat combined with spices, nuts and raisins) and hearty cornmeal mush.
We ate a meatless dinner that was heavy on veggies with patties that were sort of like cornmeal mush with melted cheese.
Cornmeal mush is a thick cornmeal pudding or porridge that is often cut into flat squares or rectangles and then fried.