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Synonyms for corn

the dried grains or kernels or corn used as animal feed or ground for meal

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a hard thickening of the skin (especially on the top or sides of the toes) caused by the pressure of ill-fitting shoes


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(Great Britain) any of various cereal plants (especially the dominant crop of the region--wheat in Great Britain or oats in Scotland and Ireland)

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whiskey distilled from a mash of not less than 80 percent corn

something sentimental or trite

feed (cattle) with corn

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preserve with salt

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The women, whose implants were made by Dow Corning Corp.
Data from independent experiments showed that the Cryostor solution and Corning CellBIND surface product combination offered a 58-percent increase in post-preservation cell survival when compared to traditional tissue culture surface and serum and protein based freezing media.
We are pleased that Corning has been awarded the opportunity to serve Cummins emission control needs for the growing heavy-duty diesel market," said Thomas R.
Charles fiber pedestals are optimized for use with Corning Cable Systems fiber management, including OptiSheath(TM) Advantage Terminals.
Under the terms of the Merger Agreement, signed on Thursday, May 11, 2006, Corning will be merged with a wholly-owned subsidiary of C&T, and C&T will pay to the holders of Corning's common stock $6.
Corning continues to be the leading supplier of large-size glass substrates for the LCD industry," said James Clappin, president of Corning Display Technologies.
By utilizing Corning Cable Systems Evolant Advantage Solution in the central office - which for 288-fiber distribution capacity, including up to nine 1x32 splitters, all within 12 rack spaces - Telepak was able to reduce the passive optical footprint by more than 33 percent.
The tightening of emissions standards in Asia and around the world continues to drive demand for Corning clean-air products," said Thomas Appelt, vice president and general manager, Corning Automotive Technologies.
Corning Cable Systems, part of Corning Incorporated's (NYSE: GLW) Telecommunications segment, announces Zero dB as the newest member of the selective Corning Total Access Program(SM) (TAP).
After completing specialized training in the design and installation of optical access networks, TAP members are able to offer their customers up to a 10-year extended product warranty on complete Corning FTTH solutions (drop cables and assemblies carry a 3-year warranty).
EAGLE XG is a green substrate that provides added value for panel manufacturers, and the entire TFT-LCD value chain, while retaining all of the process benefits and attributes of EAGLE2000(TM), another innovative glass composition from Corning that has become the industry standard," Clappin continued.
Mooney, commercial technology director, Corning Life Sciences.
Dow Corning already has over 250 web services in production, many derived from the company's SAP implementation, and this number is expected to grow rapidly.
TAICHUNG, Taiwan -- Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today hosted its grand opening ceremony of the company's LCD glass substrate facility at the Central Taiwan Science Park in Taichung, Taiwan.
Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) announced today that the United States District Court for the District of Delaware has issued a ruling declaring that SRU Biosystems of Woburn, MA infringed on a patent exclusively licensed to Corning for optical biosensors that enable label-independent detection of chemical, biochemical and biological substances in a sample.