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organic process by which keratin is deposited in cells and the cells become horny (as in nails and hair)

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A study of the cornification of the oral mucosa of young male adults.
In cases of psoriasis, the remaining thiol groups are also evident in the upper layers of the skin, which the existing cornification disorder--clinically visible as scaling--illustrates.
Furthermore, the alkaloids did not provoke vaginal opening or cornification in any of the animals (Table 3).
Evaluation of the estrogenic activity of the wild Pueraria mirifica by vaginal cornification assay.
For a comprehensive commentary on this breakthrough, Segre's article, "Epidermal differentiation complex yields a secret: Mutations in the cornification protein filaggrin underlie ichthyosis vulgaris," is recommended.
Keratinization, also termed as cornification, is a process of cytodifferentiation which the keratinocytes undergo when proceeding from their post germinative state (stratum basale) to finally differentiated, hardened cell filled with protein, constituting a structurally and functionally distinct keratin containing surface layer such as stratum corneum.
At the beginning, swelling can be described as soft-doughy, then it becomes hard as cornification of the epidermis progresses.
2005) Proliferation and cornification during development of the mammalian epidermis.
Incubation of cultured skin substitutes in reduced humidity promotes cornification in vitro and stable engraftment in athymic mice.
Paller AS, Mancini AJ: Hereditary Disorder of Cornification.
Austria) explain the ultrastructure, clinical features, biochemical genetics, and cellular pathogenesis of monogenic inherited disorders of cornification.
72) DHEA "switched on" multiple collagen-producing genes and reduced expression of genes associated with production and cornification (hardening) of the tough keratinocytes that form calluses and rough skin.
In metastatic tumors from squamous carcinoma, cavitation might result from cornification of the squamous epithelium in the center of the lesion with subsequent liquefaction and evacuation into airway.
Also, our findings of the vaginal smears obtained from group II showed pro-estrous smears which were characterized by rounded, usually nucleated, epithelial cells, generally in low to moderate numbers and even some epithelial cells show early stages of cornification.