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organic process by which keratin is deposited in cells and the cells become horny (as in nails and hair)

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In cases of psoriasis, the remaining thiol groups are also evident in the upper layers of the skin, which the existing cornification disorder--clinically visible as scaling--illustrates.
Furthermore, the alkaloids did not provoke vaginal opening or cornification in any of the animals (Table 3).
Evaluation of the estrogenic activity of the wild Pueraria mirifica by vaginal cornification assay.
Schmuth M, Gruber R, Ellias PM, Williams ML: Ichthyoses update: towards a function driven model of pathogenesis of the disorder of cornification and the role of corneocyte proteins in these disorders.
Also, our findings of the vaginal smears obtained from group II showed pro-estrous smears which were characterized by rounded, usually nucleated, epithelial cells, generally in low to moderate numbers and even some epithelial cells show early stages of cornification.
Neoplastic cells were cuboidal to polygonal, with variable degrees of squamous differentiation and cornification toward the center of nests.
Cluster analysis of the data showed that RA suppressed protein markers of cornification, biosynthesis of epidermal lipids, long chain fatty acids, cholesterol and sphingolipids.
This layer is constantly abraded by chemical and physical agents and renewed by a very slow process of cornification, which transforms keratinocytes into corneocytes.
Squamous differentiation was universal, with all tumors exhibiting cytoplasmic cornification and 41% having keratinizing cysts.
Keratinocyte transglutaminase (TGasel) is a well-documented protein which appears in differentiated layers of epidermal tissue and influences the cornification of the outermost layers of keratinocytes.