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Synonyms for cornhusking

a social gathering for the purpose of husking corn


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the act of removing the husks from ears of corn

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In 1980, the tradition of state and national cornhusking contests was revived, and the contests continue today.
Cornhusking contests are held each fall in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota.
Early this fall, he entered a state cornhusking contest, competing in the men's 75-and-older division--and surprised himself by taking first place.
This is the big show, the culmination of nine state cornhusking competitions, with state champions coming from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota, along with competitors from Alabama, Mississippi and Virginia.
We expect a great show today," says Emma Johnson, treasurer of the National Cornhusking Assn.
Joe won the Green County, Iowa, husking contest in 1940, and competed in the next year's event before the start of World War II ended cornhusking contests for more than three decades.
Please make sure the next time there is a cornhusking competition that children are provided with eye protection
Time was, tens of thousands of people dropped everything to attend cornhusking competitions.
Contemporary cornhusking events are considered a success if the combined total of competitors and spectators tops the century mark.
At 77, Ardith Clair, Manden, is a seasoned contender in the women's 75-and-up class at the Illinois state cornhusking contest held just outside Roseville in early October.
But, with all the bragging, they decided to develop some rules for the picking of corn, a way to justify cornhusking benchmarks, in order to see which of these guys could rally pick.
The first Cornhusking Contest was held in December 1921, on a bitter cold moming in Iowa.