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the husk of an ear of corn

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In the past few years, textile scientist Yiqi Yang of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln has figured out how to make yarn out of cornhusks, chicken feathers, and rice straw (part of the rice plant).
2) With the tapered end of the cornhusk pointing towards you, spread a little less than a 1/2 cup of masa across the top half of the cornhusk.
95 Handbag: MELON in woven cornhusk with leather look trim, available in pink, blue or green EURe34; Top Marie Claire EUREUR16.
Some sample projects: cornhusk angel ornament, shell buttons, fabric dyeing, printing with leaves on fabric and paper, and making a raffia basket.
if we saw the whip applied to old men, to tender women; and, undeniably, though I shrink to say so,--pregnant women set in the treadmill for refusing to work, when, not they, but the eternal law of animal nature refused to work;--if we saw men's backs flayed with cowhides, and "hot rum poured on, superinduced with brine or pickle, rubbed in with a cornhusk, in a scorching heat of the sun;"--if we saw the runaways hunted with blood hounds into swamps and hills; and, in cases of passion, a planter throwing his negro into a copper of boiling cane juice;--if we saw these things with eyes, we too should wince.
LEARN TO MAKE CORNHUSK DOLLS: The art and folklore of cornhusk dolls, as well as the techniques for making them, will be covered at workshop to be held Sunday at Mount Pisgah Arboretum.
This ochre was traded for parfleche and cornhusk bags full of salt, which made its way from the Salt Lake area of Utah.
A craft section shows you how to make cornhusk dolls, totem poles, and more.
Beginning production last March and now employing 14 people, the company creates gourmet Mexican food, including cornhusk pork tamales.
The float will feature entirely organic materials such as coconut, sweet rice, cornhusk, seaweed and a lush garden of more than 20,000 orange roses.
4 dried cornhusks Warm water 9 ounces sea salt To serve: 4 small hollow dried gourds with removable tops 4 dried cornhusks 8 ears fresh baby corn, husks peeled back, corn silk removed * roasted ground peanuts may he substituted ** Nahuatl word for dried cornhusk *** yields more than needed For plating For the chicatana-coffee mayonnaise: Beat egg yolk while slowly whisking in oil Add coffee, ants, and lime juice to mayonnaise and whisk to combine.
5 This ornate wall bracket washed in antique gold by Payne Street/Breece Collection takes center stage with its organic cornhusk styling.
Mother Poem, Soweto, Shar, 'Salvages', Dream Haiti, 'Flute(s)' & the Rwanda Cornhusk Poems
The float was created from creamy ecru colored ironed cornhusk and sesame seeds with accents of white coconut flakes.