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the husk of an ear of corn

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The Haudenosaunee people have long been known for making cornhusks dolls.
They also tell ghost stories and tales of Western moviemakers, and give instructions for making a cornhusk doll.
Just because a cute toy is not "interactive," it does not mean that the children of the Great Depression imbued their cornhusk dolls with any less emotional content.
She presses a spoonful of marinated meat into the masa, wraps the cornhusk expertly, all the while breathing heavily through her mouth.
While Kusch comments on having car trouble in the Bolivian countryside, Gustafson writes of walking in tire-rubber sandals while carrying a bag of coca, raw tobacco, and cornhusk rolling papers as is the custom of the Guarani people.
he had a heart attack, keeled over with a piece of cornhusk paper in one
And for sunrooms and other casual spaces, Mohawk had available a sisal rug, while Trade Am's seagrass and braided cornhusk rug was another option.
In one of the most colorful examples of an "information shortcut," political scientist Samuel Popkin suggested that Mexican-American voters had good reason to be suspicious of President Gerald Ford in 1976 because he didn't know how to eat a tamale--a shortcoming revealed during his Texas GOP primary campaign against Ronald Reagan, when he made the mistake of trying to down one without first removing its cornhusk wrapper.
In this city mouse/country mouse tale, country mouse wears tie-dyed t-shirts and cornhusk sandals and saves a suburban middle school from rampant cynicism.
On the basis of chemical analyses of the resulting fibers, Yang predicts, rice-straw and cornhusk fabrics will resemble linen or cotton.
2) With the tapered end of the cornhusk pointing towards you, spread a little less than a 1/2 cup of masa across the top half of the cornhusk.
Whether steamed in a bundled banana leaf, roasted in a dried cornhusk, or baked inside a mound of damp salt, methods of cookery raise the interest of the consumer and heighten their dining experience.
Long before the flap of skin peeled back like a cornhusk,
95 Handbag: MELON in woven cornhusk with leather look trim, available in pink, blue or green EURe34; Top Marie Claire EUREUR16.
Some sample projects: cornhusk angel ornament, shell buttons, fabric dyeing, printing with leaves on fabric and paper, and making a raffia basket.