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Synonyms for cornflower

plant of southern and southeastern United States grown for its yellow flowers that can be dried

an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowers

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Track 1 - Through Painted Figures (Prologue); Track 2 - We Fly Leeward (Act 1); Track 3 - What Could Have Been (Act 2); Track 4 - The Last Night Away From You (Act 3); Track 5 - She Wanders Alone (Epilogue); Track 6 - The Narwhal in the Cornflower Sky (Continuous Album Mix)
The groom's parents travelled in a 1937 black and cream Rolls Royce to the reception, and his mother wore a Gina Bacconi cobalt blue dress and a hand-made hat with cornflower blue trim.
05 Cornflowers like to grow in well drained soil in full sun.
Titled for the color of the elite Serbian Honor Guard uniform, Cornflower Blue presents a bleak commentary on repressive systems driven by secrecy.
2 In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the cornflower and half of the maple syrup.
Instrumental jam trio the Fret Drifters will perform before Cornflower, and Eugene native Don Haugen opens the show at 9 p.
Each attendant wore a chiffon cocktail-length dress of cornflower blue with vertical shirring overlaying the empire waist bodice of the flared A-line skirt.
Botanical Tearless shampoo contains soothing botanical extracts of aloe, angelica, chamomile, comfrey and cornflower to refresh hair and scalp and is gentle enough for infants and children.
Wet 'n' Wild Mega Eyes in Cornflower, $2, drugstores
The Duchess of Cornwall is wearing a cornflower blue silk outfit by Robinson Valentine and pearl drop earrings.
One of the five men is Mathilde's fiance, Manech (Gaspard Ulliel), a sensitive soul known as Cornflower, whose nerves were shot after an explosion rained another man's blood and guts on him.
The suggested retail price is for $26, and can be obtained in Pink, Chrome, Mango, Iris, Wasabi, and Cornflower Blue.
With the ancient face-cream recipe in hand, the researchers synthesized their own knockoff using beef drippings and cornflower from a local supermarket, plus tin oxide from a chemical company.
The Fresco Collection is available in 18 styles and seven colors: cream, yellow ochre, pistachio green and cornflower blue in the Olivo design and bottle green, blue lago and berry in the Fiore design.
As if you care a damn, there is the geranium green of the leaves, the almost cinnamon tint of the flowers, echoed in the small soft bird's cap, the forlorn dead leaf, the muted cornflower blue of the pot with darker shadows.