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Synonyms for cornflower

plant of southern and southeastern United States grown for its yellow flowers that can be dried

an annual Eurasian plant cultivated in North America having showy heads of blue or purple or pink or white flowers

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Last year, Cornflower opened for Michael Franti and Spearhead.
As if you care a damn, there is the geranium green of the leaves, the almost cinnamon tint of the flowers, echoed in the small soft bird's cap, the forlorn dead leaf, the muted cornflower blue of the pot with darker shadows.
Got any ideas crisper than cornflower, carnation pink or atomic tangerine?
energy renovation dv cornflower includes implementation of measures relating to the thermal insulation of the facade and roof, installation of energy-efficient aluminum carpentry / joinery for non renovated part, the replacement of the existing boiler with a condensing boiler, replacing lighting systems with energy-efficient, as well as the introduction of remote reading of energy consumption .
A cornflower has petals like this, and leaves like this and a little black tufty pin-cushiony bit in the middle, and.
On the first Tuesday of every month there will be free wildflower walks for health that start at the National Wildflower Centre Cornflower cafe at 11am.
Available in a wide range of colours from pale pink to deep wine red, Cornflower Classic Fantastic is a blend of the more traditional blue shades from deep royal blue to paler shades and a blue and white bicolour.
The free seeds include Cornflower, Field Poppy, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Daisy and Clover and are guaranteed to add a fantastic array of vibrant colour to your garden.
BIRMINGHAM Mail readers can beat the recession and still look good with this FREE 30ml tube of Royal Jelly & Cornflower Revitalising Eye Gel (with witch hazel, royal jelly, aloe vera, cornflower, echinacea, cabbage rose, horsetail, pansy) worth pounds 10.
Allium azureum has delightful, vivid, small pom-pom type flowers of cornflower blue which are held on stems 45-60cms high.
Each gloss also contains shea butter, cornflower extract and vitamins A, C and E to soften and treat lips.
For a more relaxed look, go for this lace-trimmed blouse in this season's cornflower blue.
Camilla is wearing a cornflower blue silk outfit by Robinson Valentine, and pearldrop earrings.