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a musician who plays the trumpet or cornet

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In front of the Virgin a cornettist and a dulcian player are playing from a sheet of music held by a singer.
Founding father and cornettist Brian Bates helped create the combo in 1958.
Trumpeter and cornettist Denny Ilett's brief vocal near the very end suggests that he should expose his gruffer talents more often.
10) Their named players in the depiction, Theophilus Fittz and Edmund Flower, were `double sackbut' (or `bass trombone') players of long standing in the Chapel Royal; and they are also accompanied by a grossly distorted cornets-like instrument which is described as a `double courtall', an instrument known to have been used in the Chapel Royal, and whose player is named as Henry Gregory, who was a cornettist at the court.
The cornettist says that the band are returning to their original name, following a brief switch to the Tierra Buena Dixie Six.
So, my pick of the week was undoubtedly the performance of cornettist Rebecca Robertson.
The band is led by pianist Barry Grummett, with the rest of the line-up featuring cornettist Gwyn Lewis, trombonist Mike Taylor, reedsman John Scantlebury, bassist Harry Slater, banjoman Tony Peatman and on the drums, either Colin Bushell or Clarence Nugent.
The soloists are singer Lucy Christofi and cornettist Ian Culross.
US cornettist Ruby Braff had suddenly been taken ill, meaning his two showcase gigs were cancelled, and smooth jazz crooner Steve Tyrell had also pulled out at late notice.
Cornettist Brian Bates, trombonist Brian Wathen and banjoman David Wagstaff are joined by comparative newcomers Spud Taylor (reeds), Roscoe Birchmore (bass) and Al Sharp (drums).
Best march: Marsden; Best hymn tune: Hepworth; Best principal cornet: Jason Evans (Marsden); Best soloist, euphonium: Hepworth; Best soprano cornettist Richard Hanson (Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel).
The line-up remains the same with cornettist Bill Smith, trombonist Sam Ellis and reedsman Rod Chambers providing the bustling frontline, while banjoman Louis Lince, bassist Tony Pollitt and drummer/leader John Meehan stoke away in the rhythm section.
The least well-known band member is cornettist Graham Haynes, the son of famed jazz drummer Roy Haynes.
Not only have the band been together for nearly 50 years, but cornettist Brian Bates, trombonist Brian "Watty" Wathen and banjo and guitar player Dave Wagstaff are all original members.