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a musician who plays the trumpet or cornet

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Cornettist Phil Mason all but single-handedly runs the Isle of Bute Jazz Festival each year and the occasion is a coming together of Britain's best traditional bands and hundreds of their fans, who welcome the chance to see the beautiful island and to enjoy their favourite music on the same holiday.
Cornettist Chris Mercer, trombonist Bobby Johnson, pianist Henry Newman, drummer Jim Harvey and bass-player Dave Boxold will all be on hand with leader Frank Whitham to give you an evening of unforgettable jazz.
The soloists are singer Lucy Christofi and cornettist Ian Culross.
The cornettist says that the band are returning to their original name, following a brief switch to the Tierra Buena Dixie Six.
Trumpeter and cornettist Denny Ilett's brief vocal near the very end suggests that he should expose his gruffer talents more often.
Founding father and cornettist Brian Bates helped create the combo in 1958.
So, my pick of the week was undoubtedly the performance of cornettist Rebecca Robertson.
In a career spanning 35 years, Morrison has recorded six solo albums and is principal cornettist with the famed Brighouse & Rastrick Band.
Cornettist Geoff Wilde and clarinettist Gabe Essen who reach out and grab the audience, with the latter's smoky, bluesy vocals were particularly noteworthy.
Best march: Marsden; Best hymn tune: Hepworth; Best principal cornet: Jason Evans (Marsden); Best soloist, euphonium: Hepworth; Best soprano cornettist Richard Hanson (Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel).
The band is led by pianist Barry Grummett, with the rest of the line-up featuring cornettist Gwyn Lewis, trombonist Mike Taylor, reedsman John Scantlebury, bassist Harry Slater, banjoman Tony Peatman and on the drums, either Colin Bushell or Clarence Nugent.
Cornettist Brian Bates, trombonist Brian Wathen and banjoman David Wagstaff are joined by comparative newcomers Spud Taylor (reeds), Roscoe Birchmore (bass) and Al Sharp (drums).