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slender tropical fish with a long tubular snout and bony plates instead of scales

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On 7 May 1998, two small cornetfish (319 and 345 mm total length) were taken from the cooling water screenwell in front of the circulating water gates at the former Southern California Edison's Huntington Beach Generating Station (now ABS Huntington Beach) during a routine fouling control operation.
Pacific cornetfish typically are taken over smooth bottoms (Fritzche 1976) and are referred to as the deepwater cornetfish in the Gulf of California, as they typically occur in water depths greater than 30 m (Thomson et al.
Two of these, the reef cornetfish and the Pacific cornetfish, are found in the eastern Pacific (Fritzche 1976, Allen and Robertson 1994, Fritzche and Schneider 1995).
In Pacific cornetfish there is a wide smooth interorbital space, whereas longitudinal ridges are found in this same area in reef cornetfish.
For the taking are needlefish to more than four pounds and four feet long, and its melodic cousins, cornetfish and trumpetfish.