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Synonyms for cornered

forced to turn and face attackers

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As if in a flash of lightning they saw themselves--victims of a relentless fate, cornered, trapped, in the grip of destruction.
And so I am but bones, now, with a rough and frowsy skin humped and cornered upon my shrunken body - that skin which was once so glossy, that skin which she loved to stroke with her hand.
Somehow it didn't seem to me that I said it was Mary before, so I didn't look up -- seemed to me I said it was Sarah; so I felt sort of cornered, and was afeared maybe I was looking it, too.
Wilson detected it in his hand, by palmistry, and charged him with it, and cornered him up so close that he had to confess; but both twins begged us on their knees to keep the secret, and swore they would lead straight lives here; and it was all so pitiful that we gave our word of honor never to expose them while they kept the promise.
At the old lodgings it was understood that he was summoned to Dover, and in fact he was taken down the Dover road and cornered out of it.