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Synonyms for cornerstone

Synonyms for cornerstone

a fundamental principle or underlying concept

Synonyms for cornerstone

the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained

a stone in the exterior of a large and important building

a stone at the outer corner of two intersecting masonry walls

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SeaLife Corporation (OTCBB: SLIF), an environmental biotech company and the developer and manufacturer of SeaLife 1000 Anti-Foul Paints, announced the successful completion of a commissioned laboratory study of its scientifically advanced enviro-safe technology, the corner stone behind the company's uniquely formulated, environmentally safe, anti-foul, anti-corrosive coatings for the commercial maritime industry, the military, and the recreational boat owner.
We anticipate that EngAcq will become the corner stone for our company and will become the foundation for ESTI's growth strategies.
Judeh expressed hope that the step would be a corner stone to realize Palestinian hopes for an independent, viable, and contiguous state with East Jerusalem as its capital through direct peace talks that address all final status issues, stressing that Palestinian statehood is a higher Jordanian interest.
Innovation is very much the corner stone of the tna business, and something we have strongly believed in since our inception 30 years ago.
After laying the corner stone, Cvetkovic said that the 25,000 square meter facility in the town of Indjija, north of Belgrade, represented a new chapter in the economic development of Serbia.
Corner Stone is an apt opener as the insightful song about creating a foundation, established the artist and activist for the peace movement as one who would sing about Rastafarianism and righteousness through poetic proverbs.
Data must be the corner stone of financial stability as Asia continues to attract asset managers and institutional investors," states Nassar Ahmad, director of client operations at GoldenSource.
It pointed out that such factors serve as the corner stone in the Sultanate's competitiveness.
As a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Lee will be a corner stone in Profix's expansion plans.
It was made a corner stone of the austerity measures program of the GERB party Cabinet but appears not to have produced much in terms of impressive savings.
The plan also outlines the needs of Iraqi refugees in the region with a view to fundraising and promoting partnerships and multilateral cooperation between host countries, donors and humanitarian agencies, which is corner stone to the successful implementation of humanitarian assistance.
We are truly excited about the service, it is a corner stone in making Dubai the city that cares for your wellness.
She urged the governmental and non-government sectors as well as the Saudi families to extend support to the project in a manner that serves its announced goals as regards the awareness in its capacity as the corner stone for the welfare of the Saudi society and spreading the culture of dialogue among the members of the society in addition to setting up priorities and confronting challenges facing each family with a collective spirit and genuine work.
Summary: The Queen has dedicated the corner stone of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights today as she continues her tour of the country.