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a square post supporting a structural member at the corner of a building

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The original one of my childhood had fresh-cut hemlock branches placed on each corner post every Christmas," Conrad Redlitz recalls.
Panels can weigh as little as 12 oz per sq ft and can accept a variety of edging options, including: edge capture, edge insert, outer edgeband, edgebanding and corner post.
Back lines must now be a minimum of five metres behind the scrumand a try can now be scored if a player touches a corner post or flag before grounding the ball.
Ahli's excellent chance came in the 52nd minute when a powerful right-footer a few feet off the box from Ahli's new Portuguese signing hit the right corner post.
THE 13 ELVs being implemented in Wales affect the maul, lineout, the scrumand whether the corner post is regarded as touch in goal.
Later, with newspapers spread all around to catch the hulls, we'd sit in the glider on her side porch next to the morning glory vine that wound around the corner post and shell butter beans and peas.
In the constructions reported in those papers, the heel of the rafter, the wall plate, and the tie beam were linked together by a tenon cut on the top end of a corner post or wall stud that had been inserted through mortises cut in these three members (Fig.
The vehicle features a cab with a wrap-around front windshield that has no corner post blind spots, and rear three-quarter and lower front windows which give the operator a birds-eye view of all attachments and mounts.
It's a fair bet that a lot of those present wouldn't have known a left hook from a corner post.
A postmaster went to Westminster as part of a protest to urge Tony Blair to save Britain's corner post offices.
Commonwealth Games gold medallist Don Broadhurst at the Corner Post Gym in Tamworth with young amateur Charlotte Keast Pictures, NEIL PUGH' Teenage boxers Louis Fielding, Dean Arnold, Gemma Hampson and Stewart Maclean
When Kraut arrived, all that was left was a single corner post and a cement slab, the rest washed away by a 20-foot wave.
CPSC Staff Recommends Deferral of Bunk Bed Corner Post Petition
In his quest to become world wrestling champion, he was battered from corner post to corner post in rings all over the world.
However, he was so far ahead of Hamed at the end of the 12 rounds - I had him five in front even allowing for the one-point deduction for smashing Naz's head off the corner post - that a consensus in favour of the Englishman would have provoked a bigger outcry than the Holyfield-Lewis draw at Madison Square Garden in 1999.