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a pocket at the corner of a billiard table

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With a relaxed stroke he clicked the cue ball gently against the maroon seven, which rolled slowly and dropped into the leather pocket, the cue ball stopping so that he had an open shot on the black eight ball into the corner pocket to his left.
Allen went close to pulling off the spectacular comeback but he rattled a long red in the jaws of a corner pocket at the start of frame 18 and Trump, having spent so much of the evening in his chair, seized his big chance with a rapid match-clinching 91 break.
The 8-ball flies out, rolls down the table, and disappears into the far corner pocket.
He managed to blast the black at a corner pocket so firmly it jumped off the table and landed on the Crucible carpet, to his bemusement.
It served him well again as the world number 12 took advantage of Perry leaving the final brown over a corner pocket.
Day was furious with himself for a poor break-off shot, punching his chair in frustration asWilliams sunk a long opening red into the corner pocket.
On August 20-22, Mountain States PVA hosted the 4th Annual Rocky Mountain Shootout, at Widefield Corner Pocket in Fountain, Colo.
The man from Hastings displayed battling qualities in the fifth, securing a 3-2 lead andmadeit four in a row after Day had missed a yellow to the corner pocket.
I WAS FORTUNATE enough to get on George Galvez' good side back in 2003 at Berkeley park, while he blared a mixtape of Steely Dan and Cannibal Corpse on his ghetto blaster and tore through corner pocket 5-0s.
However, that was as good as it got for the left-hander, who went 2-1 behind after narrowly missing a crucial long black into the top corner pocket.
The 34-year-old was poised to hand O'Sullivan another painful defeat when he led 5-4 and had match ball in the 10th frame, but Perry inexplicably left the pink in the jaws of a corner pocket and handed O'Sullivan a reprieve he surely could not have seen coming.
Parrott, 43, missed the black using the rest but it bounced off two cushions before dropping into a corner pocket.
Williams was caught napping in the first frame as he let it slip to Dale, who fluked a green into the corner pocket on the way.
Looking tired, the Taiwanese missed what appeared to be an easy shot to a corner pocket, allowing Reyes to take full advantage in the all-Asian final four, the report said.
A small ball of twine found in a corner pocket of my hunting coat was tied to a small buck bush.