corner pocket

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a pocket at the corner of a billiard table

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It served him well again as the world number 12 took advantage of Perry leaving the final brown over a corner pocket.
Day was furious with himself for a poor break-off shot, punching his chair in frustration asWilliams sunk a long opening red into the corner pocket.
The man from Hastings displayed battling qualities in the fifth, securing a 3-2 lead andmadeit four in a row after Day had missed a yellow to the corner pocket.
I WAS FORTUNATE enough to get on George Galvez' good side back in 2003 at Berkeley park, while he blared a mixtape of Steely Dan and Cannibal Corpse on his ghetto blaster and tore through corner pocket 5-0s.
However, that was as good as it got for the left-hander, who went 2-1 behind after narrowly missing a crucial long black into the top corner pocket.
The 34-year-old was poised to hand O'Sullivan another painful defeat when he led 5-4 and had match ball in the 10th frame, but Perry inexplicably left the pink in the jaws of a corner pocket and handed O'Sullivan a reprieve he surely could not have seen coming.
Parrott, 43, missed the black using the rest but it bounced off two cushions before dropping into a corner pocket.
Williams was caught napping in the first frame as he let it slip to Dale, who fluked a green into the corner pocket on the way.
Looking tired, the Taiwanese missed what appeared to be an easy shot to a corner pocket, allowing Reyes to take full advantage in the all-Asian final four, the report said.
So you put a little english on the English, eight ball in the corner pocket in a room where the cigarettes are Kools, the talk f women a difficult love turning on the word, as a bitch is anybody who fucks with you just cause they ain't got nuthin better to do.
As 14-year-old competitor and friend Jackie Hylton looks on, Carroll takes a swift jab at the cue ball and pops the red ball into a corner pocket.
The frame developed into a tactical exchange as the black ball had come to rest over a corner pocket.
THE MIKE KEMP TRIO: The Corner Pocket Jazz Club, Spon St, Coventry.
But the final proved one step too far as Allen missed a difficult red to a corner pocket and Gould compiled a 46 break.
A sprawling clubhouse is the hub of the community, where residents welcome grandkids to the movie room, owners search for a new read in the library, and pool sharks find the corner pocket in the billiard room.