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a man at one end of line of performers in a minstrel show


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Maxwell's corner man Jon Pegg was not disappointed with the result.
Poets' corner MAN WITH A SILLY MOUSTAT CHE There was a bad man with a silly moustache, He strutted about shouting all balderdash.
Mensing's usually a top corner man - this time he went low to Jamie MacDonald's left.
At the end of the period, lofty Bill Gore, Harris's trainer and chief corner man, walked over to referee Mushy Callahan and declared: "Our boy just cannot come out for any more.
When the pic--which stars Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx as a trio of futuristic fighter pilots--was announced in fall 2003, the biggest credits of Foxx's career were as star of the WB's "The Jamie Foxx Show" and as Muhammad Ali's corner man in "Ali.
Ferdie Pacheco was, between 1962 and 1977, Muhammad Ali's corner man and physician; there is probably little in boxing he has not experienced, from some of the greatest fights to the most unscrupulous of behind-thescenes manoeuvrings.
He helped Cowdell in the corner during the impressive Hamid Jamali's recent victory over Ojay Abrahams and looked at ease, but insists he was only helping and that being a permanent corner man is a long way off.
Sinclair connected with a stunning left hook and Pryce went down but he rose gamely and was still on his feet when his corner man Enzo Calzaghe threw the towel in.
Ferdie Pacheco, the boxer's corner man, served as a consultant and plays a cameo as the boxing commissioner at the notorious weigh-in for that match.
If the postman (#5) is being fronted, as shown, he may be available for a lob pass from the corner man (#3).
The corner man slaps his face and tells him to gather his wits.
Findley taught himself to box, and his fiancee serves as his manager and corner man.
ANDY FAIRWEATHER LOW The former Amen Corner man and Cardiff boy made good is the subject of a documentary on BBC1 Wales tomorrow night at 10.
The Irish Mirror told earlier this week how Jones, an amateur martial arts fighter, acts as a corner man for his brother and carries his bucket for him - hence his nickname Charlie Bucket.