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made of horn (or of a substance resembling horn)

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The ground colour ranges from a pale yellowish white to a deeper pinkish or orangebrown; in fresh specimens this is overlain by a fine, irregular whitish mottling, which is in turn overlain by a thin, rather glossy, corneous periostracum.
0 mm wide, apex apiculate, tomentose, few sessile glandular hairs below, only apex outwardly chartaceous and inwardly with thin corneous endocarp extending ca.
dentatus it is U-shape, has corneous ridge and a distal opening, whereas in D.
It was an ordinary bird: hardly a bearded eagle with lapis lazuli plumage; when he leaned toward me, certain I had no documents, which was enough excuse for him to take me in a rapid flight to the big central cage, I observed his complexion: his dull skin, greenish, olive, covered with enormous black pores, open like cesspools; through those pores you could see the swamp of his flesh, smelly and coarse, like the undertow at the bottom of a dirty lake; his eyes were black, very close together, with malignant brightness but without depth; his beak hard and corneous, stony and falconine; the smell of his feathers disgusting and nauseating; they smelled like old and rancid oil kept in a barrel, like old grease used for tools, and like the tar that coats the waters around a ship's bow.
Its skull bore a long crest formed by closely connected nasal bones, its jaws were covered by a beak-like corneous case, and its (more than 1,000
Sex was determined by the everted lateral black vocal sacs and conspicuous corneous nuptial pads on the first finger.
5 length of propodi, each terminating in strong, curved corneous unguis, flexor surfaces with numerous slender corneous spinules arranged in three or four rows (Fig.
The statistically significant parameters which served to distinguish the sex in these species were the length of the culmen and tomium, length of the lower corneous beak and the cloaca.
During the reproductive season, males develop one or more terminal elements on the gonopods (first pleopods) that are corneous.
Operculum corneous, light brown; external surface crossed by 3-4 concentric small rings; internal surface, seen in profile, has stair-like shape (3 steps) and presents sunken nucleus.
In sorghum, iodine is less indicative of phenotype since iodine binding is reduced in lines with corneous endosperm (Cagampang and Kirleis, 1985).
Can easily be recognized by the characteristic pattern of lighter, nontranslucent specks oriented in spiral lines on a darker, semi-translucent, corneous background, as well as alternating zones of lighter and darker close-set axial riblets on the upper side of the shell with only microscopic spiral striation on the base.
dagger]) Leaf pigmentation = tan, pigmented; Midrib color = white, dull, yellow, brown; Panicle compactness = semi-compact oval, semi compact elliptic, compac elliptic, semi loose drooping branches, loose drooping branches, very loose stiff branches; Glume color = white, straw, yellow, gray, light brown, brown, partly brown, purple, partly purple, black, light red, red, red-brown; Glume covering = uncovered (1) to fully covered (5); Grain color = white; chalky white, white and red, gray, straw, yellow, light red, light brown, red, brown, red-brown, purple, black; Endosperm texture = corneous (1) to floury (5); Grain lustre = lustrous, non-lustrous; Subcoat = presence, absence.