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Synonyms for corneous

made of horn (or of a substance resembling horn)

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The ground colour ranges from a pale yellowish white to a deeper pinkish or orangebrown; in fresh specimens this is overlain by a fine, irregular whitish mottling, which is in turn overlain by a thin, rather glossy, corneous periostracum.
5 length of propodi, each terminating in strong, curved corneous unguis, flexor surfaces with numerous slender corneous spinules arranged in three or four rows (Fig.
Sex was determined by the everted lateral black vocal sacs and conspicuous corneous nuptial pads on the first finger.
Types A and B have a dark chestnut or red-brown corneous callus, whereas types C, D, and E lack a callus.
During the reproductive season, males develop one or more terminal elements on the gonopods (first pleopods) that are corneous.
Operculum corneous, light brown; external surface crossed by 3-4 concentric small rings; internal surface, seen in profile, has stair-like shape (3 steps) and presents sunken nucleus.