corneal transplant

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a surgical procedure in which part or all of a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by healthy corneal tissue from a donor

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After consulting her ophthalmologist, a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases and conditions, she underwent a corneal transplant to get a healthy cornea.
This includes Schwind Amaris excimer laser systems, which are the instruments of choice for the world's leading corneal transplant surgeons.
SighLife helped to develop the methodology to precisely cut corneal tissue using IntraLase keratoplasty to treat a variety of corneal transplant indications.
Since the establishment of the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank, over 18,500 corneas have been donated resulting in approximately 15,000 successful corneal transplant surgeries.
Dad Lawrence Freeman is the latest recipient to tell of his experience after undergoing a corneal transplant.
Before this new way of treatment, many doctors had told me that it was not possible for me to have a corneal transplant, because of the high possibility of high risk and potential side effects ," he underlined.
But despite being told she needed a corneal transplant to restore her sight in August 2007, the 65 year old, from Caerphilly, is still waiting for surgery.
Dean Norris has undergone a string of operations to cure his blindness but has been told that he cannot have a corneal transplant without medication which could cost up to pounds 18,000.
Dr Saleh Saif Al Mosabi, corneal transplant surgeon, said in the old days, most of the local patients who needed a corneal transplant used to travel abroad to international centres.
Modern microsurgery, which has the ability to manage postoperative astigmatism, has turned corneal transplant surgery into a most gratifying procedure as far as visual acuity is concerned.
Bryn Heeley's first corneal transplant took place on his left eye in the summer of 1995 and the difference was immediate.
About 20 percent of these patients may someday need a corneal transplant.
Mun is a young woman recovering from a corneal transplant.
There are currently 125-140 people in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, ages 4-98, waiting for a corneal transplant so they can see better.
Randolph Memorial Fund in support of the Illinois Eye-Bank's Gift of Sight Program, to cover the costs associated with corneal transplant surgery for those who could not otherwise afford the procedure.