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Dua and colleagues, for example, believe that a tear in the Dua layer is what causes corneal hydrops, which occurs when water from inside the eye rushes in and leads to a fluid buildup in the cornea.
The scientists now believe that corneal hydrops, a bulging of the cornea caused by fluid build up that occurs in patients with keratoconus (conical deformity of the cornea), is caused by a tear in the Dua layer, through which water from inside the eye rushes in and causes waterlogging.
Infectious keratitis in keratoconus with corneal hydrops without contact lens wear: a case report.
Exclusion criteria was corneal hydrops, history of herpetic keratitis, severe eye dryness, concurrent corneal infections, endothelial cell count <1000 cells/[mm.
Acute corneal hydrops is a stromal oedema caused by aqueous penetration through breaks in Descemet's membrane.