corneal graft

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a surgical procedure in which part or all of a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by healthy corneal tissue from a donor

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Corneal grafts have been the traditional choice of surgical correction for advanced keratoconus once all other treatment options have been exhausted (see Figure 4).
All three of our patients are now blind in the affected eye and require a corneal graft to visually rehabilitate the blind eye.
Jayewardene, who died in 1996, donated his eyes to the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society, an organization which receives human corneas from donors after their death for corneal graft surgery both at home and abroad.
This report provides information on the therapeutic development for Corneal Graft Rejection, complete with latest updates, and special features on late-stage and discontinued projects.
In a two-year British Ophthalmic Surveillance Unit (BOSU) study between late 2003 and 2005, corneal graft surgery was performed in 10 of the 34 (29%) eyes with follow-up data, 4 of 19 eyes (21%) with Candida keratitis, and 6 of 15 eyes (40%) with filamentary fungal infection.
VEGF-C markedly up-regulated in corneal graft rejection.
JAY DeMERIT is facing a revolutionary corneal graft on his eye which could keep him out for five months.
Kristian's parents paid for him to see an eye specialist in St Asaph, who recommended corneal graft surgery.
Gene Signal, a biotech company registered in Switzerland, is currently starting the Phase III study of GS-101, its most advanced therapeutic ophthalmic solution, for the prevention of corneal graft rejection.
Corneal graft survival is often lifelong, with most patients not needing topical or systemic immunosuppression for longer than several months postoperatively.
I'm waiting for a corneal graft and without these glasses I am virtually blind.
Now anyone who saw the original incident would be entitled to ask when exactly is it the stewards' secretary goes in for her double corneal graft.
Clinical studies to date have shown that aganirsen is able to safely and effectively inhibit the development of progressive corneal neovascularization secondary to infectious keratitis or chemical burns both of which could lead to corneal graft replacement.