arcus senilis

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a whitish deposit in the shape of an arc that is sometimes seen in the cornea


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They may occasionally roe found in the peripheral cornea mimicking corneal arcus.
This is represented boy peripheral corneal thinning (between corneal arcus and the limbal vessels).
Cholesterol deposits within the skin of the eyelids are xanthelasmas , those in connective tissues within and surrounding extensor tendons, especially the Achilles and extensor tendons of the hands, are xanthomas and deposits along the corneal margin are arcus cornealis or corneal arcus.
It is called a corneal arcus rather than a corneal ring as it initially presents as arcs in the inferior and superior poles of the perilimbal cornea before spreading to form a complete ring.
Two types are described: Type I has a perilimbal clear zone similar to corneal arcus and contains numerous holes, while type II has neither holes nor a clear zone.