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a crib for storing and drying ears of corn

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When Trigger attacks Temple in the corncrib, the scene again fades to black, and we hear her scream.
With the dog locked up in Sam's corncrib, food becomes the primary instrument in securing the animal's obedience.
On his way, he noticed that the pigs hadn't been slopped, so he went to the corncrib, where he found some sacks.
We nailed these pieces of tin over holes in the barn roof to stop the leaks and over holes in the corncrib to stop the mice and rats from eating the corn.
He made Uncle Billy take Dutch's knife away from him; poor Uncle Billy had to whip Dutch, out behind the corncrib, and then take him into the house for Aunt Jennie to read the Bible to him.
In the fall we gather the nuts, spread them out on the floor of an empty portion of the corncrib which was squirrel-proof, and after the outside shell had turned black and dry, we ran the nuts through our hand-cranked corn sheller.
Temple hears pounding footsteps both on the outside of the corncrib and in the whorehouse.
It wasn't until I saw what our neighbors did with their corncrib that I knew what the answer to our problem was.
For those two hogs we saved for breeding, however, we relied on the remnants of grain left in the corncrib.
I went tothe barn, the corncrib, and looked under the porch.
I sat for hours, no, days, in my old-fashioned slat-sided corncrib,